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  • Shut up! I don't want to read anything FE:AW!....nah, tell me a little about him. How's the story? If you've played Final Fantasy Tactics...is the story good as the one on FFT?

    Oh, look!! You have Luigi's Mansion and OoT 3D! I have only OoT 3D, Mario Kart 7 and, later (it'll come that week), my Sonic Generations.
    How's Luigi's Mansion, so far? I mean...there's so many hype for this game, haahahaha!!
    I do have a GBA, but I doubt I'd be able to find any FFs, and, besides, I can barely see anything on my screen :p I must have been playing Anniversary Edition, then.

    Is Xenoblade Chronicles for the 3DS? I might be abe to get ahold of a copy, if so.
    It's not (that) hard for me. Actually, i love the special/physical types on third gen. Though, i agree it's bad sometimes. I hate limitations.

    And, right now, i hate you! You have FE:AW! I really want to play it.
    But i'll get a Shin-Megami-Tensei for my 3DS. Can't wait to have it!
    What 3DS games you own?
    I'm not quite sure if I it's the same on the PSP compared to older systems. It was still pretty fun nonetheless, the choice of characters was pretty cool as well.

    I'm not sure if I'll ever get to play any of those games though; as the oldest console I have is a PS2.
    They should rename it.

    Ah, I see. I play FF on the Xbox and I've also played a few on the PSP (I and II). But as you said; gaming is a very expensive hobby!
    Sounds very cool. Did you have in mind to be a counselor for specific kind of person? Youth? Adults? Criminals :p?

    You are really reassuring me :)
    Criminology? Psychology? That's really cool. So what's your 'dream job'?

    I sure hope I can make my post-secondary time fun :)
    Haha! Yes, you've guessed right!

    That remember me a bit...i can't seem to get the "energy" (can't find a more fitting word) to play pokemon, in all those days. Though, I'm starting my Emerald Game again. Probably will play it and post a team on third gen IGRMT.

    I see you have a 3DS...thinking of getting to 'ya the new Fire Emblem?
    I feel like I have so little free time in high school, I can't even imagine what it'll be like after :( ugh life why do you have to be like this?... XD

    What did you study in college?
    Oh and the reason it was late it was evident that I was online at the same time as you but didn't reply :p
    If only people would take in account all the advice, and then decided what sounds really viable and what sounds stupid. All it takes is a little common sense.

    Not familiar with those games, but do you game on Xbox 360 or PS3?
    I kinda miss IGRMT... before we had people like the guy quoted in my sig who wouldn't listen to anyone, and it was actually fun to deal with them :p Of course, now everyone listens to any advice, so even crappy rates are taken into account.

    I can't say too much for myself. Trying to find something to keep me occupied until XY comes out is difficult, so I'm just playing some of my older games like Heartgold and Max Payne 3.
    Yes, it's her. She tends to do that pretty much..though, i have to agree she's simply annoying at that times. She have "her days" if you know what I'm talking, kehkeh!!

    I've see you'd got yourself a job! That's nice! I have a job too, at night. You'll surely get used to that, later, I'm sure!

    Also...you don't have ANY team to on IGRMT? Not a single one?
    Hello Scizor Master! Nice tah meet you!

    Funny how my girlfriend annoyed the hell out of you. Do i have to apologize, for her?
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