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  • Hey man, I've been seeing you around igrmt for a while, any reason you have no one on your friends list? Care to make a first? :p
    But there is no point to rate a whole team, thats where i want to get. Why rate a whole team, then? Its needed? If there is....2/3 threads already up, why rate the whole team of a single thread or in all threads?

    And most of the pokemons in-game can run only a single set effectively, its not like "you can always suggest another set". So, if you look at that way, you will notice that, yes, it stop us from rating a team, since you already did it.

    Raters usually works in conjunction even if its indirectly. If the set i posted was wrong, then yes, you can post another moveset and correct that one, but if the set I posted is good already, then i why would you suggest another set if I already posted one that perfectly fits this one poke, you understand? Now, what if I rated the whole team and my set is "the Best" for the pokemons, can you keep it rating? How and why? You will disregard one rate just for the sake of rating?
    Just an advice.
    Whenever you gonna "rate a team" theres no need to rate the whole team. There is few, few. teams those days. If you rate a whole team all by yourself, we wont gonna have something to rate, too. You should work in conjunction with other raters. Rate 2/3 or even 4 pokemons, but dont rate the whole team. Its harsh with us. I mean...were your friends...right?
    Everyone is learning! Including myself, you, and everyone else. But youre on the right way! ^^
    Look at me:
    Brazilian = Bad English...i cannot explain most things that would be easy, to explain, at my language. That is a huge problem D:

    I will be cheering for you! ^^

    Youre Canadian, American, Brazilian Britanic?
    GF/Nintendo are giving alittle information as Possible. I think its a good thing.
    I also find it Funny at the same time. :p
    Out of the three starters who are you going to Choose? :)
    Not at all. Heh, thank you. I got the game for Christmas, apparently the last copy Gamestop had.
    You seem to be a knowleadgable person in IGRMT. It's nice to see others giving competent Rates haha. I just hope you stay and get better.
    Well it did kind of come off rude since you put it that way.

    Im just a friendly Person
    I saw you in one of the Threads so I said why not talk to this Guy. :D

    The name is Devin. :)
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