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  • hah well if that is what you are going for it worked. it's just funny seeing a giant flower come visit me and walk around in my mii's room
    Shaymin plush and figure are both on tru online. Dunno if you needed it since your local tru has been good but just in case.
    Don't know if you care about it but shadow link is available on Spencer's website atm
    I know what you mean. The way they introduce themselves and meeting new people is what Pokémon is all about.

    Yeah, last gen the starter's were decent, this gen there more exciting and have a lot of potential.

    Which starter appeals more to you?
    Manaphy went back in stock on tru so I grabbed it from there yayyy. So I don't need to bug you to check your local store :p
    I visited my mailbox and got Jirachi today, thanks! I like your address labels :p

    Who are your favorite fe characters from awakening, shadow dragon, fates, and/or por?
    and OF COURSE after you bought it for me it shows up on the tru website
    omg yes thank you so much. that's actually really funny that they were almost completely out. prob some scalpers heard of a location that still had a bunch...
    actually maybe wait a day or 2 to see if it goes back online since i guess it's been doing that

    awaits famous last words of it never coming back and your tru being completely out of them
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