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  • arghh i wish i could get it without paying for shipping, but you always have to pay for preorders. thank you though! i got one and the pokeball figure just to be safe, might see if i can snag one in-store if they start selling it early like they did with mew.
    i hope you are right about the jirachi plush being well-stocked, my tru never has squat :(
    Do you think competitive play is going down hill, especially with the announcement of Sun and Moon?

    Imagine if one of the starter's or legendary was a breaded dragon. :]
    That's fine. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I was just glad it didn't get worse.

    I am playing Yellow right now, but I eventually want to play Fates and I want to book Twilight Princess HD (I still have some unfinished business with the Wii version that I'm almost done on). I also have the habit of switching between games.
    I guess I want to thank you for switching off the Sticker Star debate.
    I guess I have a tendency for looking at the good points of a game, rather than the bad.
    Although I feel that most of Sticker Star's hate comes from the fact that the formula changed. Opinions though.

    Meanwhile, I am playing Pokemon Yellow and I have a Xenopus frog experiment in the works. I eventually want to move on to Fire Emblem Fates.
    I think the Smash thread is going to go in circles for a while.

    Personally, I'm not competitive, but I understand why there are people that are competitive.

    I wish we could move on; I even posted a funny video, but then it started back up. -_-
    Hey bro, I got a question about poison.

    How do you know the difference between poison and badly poison? How much damage does it do a turn?
    he keeps spamming about asking for team rates,how to use smogon, and saying youre the only one who replies to threads in competitive :X
    [21:14] <Hoopa_Kan> it's 9 here
    [21:15] <Hoopa_Kan> So how often does Draco Killer check the threads -_-
    [21:16] <Hoopa_Kan> He obviously hasn't check my competive single rating post
    [21:17] * SPPGuest43054 (SPPGuest43@synIRC-A1C8537B.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) has joined #spp
    [21:19] <Hoopa_Kan> How often does Killer Draco come on?

    you have fans apparently
    Np. It stayed up for a surprisingly long amount of time. I just didn't want to bother with going to the store and since the yen is so weak its about the same price
    pshhhh playasia is way overpriced

    watch him be exclusive and i regret my words :(
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