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Last Activity:
Mar 18, 2018
Jan 24, 2012
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Guardian of Asgard, from United States, Illinois

KiltedTrainer was last seen:
Mar 18, 2018
    1. x.a.x
      On problem :). I'll wait for your message.
    2. x.a.x
      I'll be at home for the next 6 hours let me know if you want to trade.
    3. x.a.x
      Yes. I'll around this weekend

      What time do you want me to be in your GMT and what your GMT ?
    4. Nitocrys
      :O thats genius.
      thanks for the info.
      btw, is there anyway to send a event pokemon's pkm. file from the game to computer?
    5. Nitocrys
      hey kilted, i was wondering if you could be willing to teach me how you clone.
      if not it's fine, thanks anyway.
    6. x.a.x
      What time you'll be free tomorrow ?
    7. dreas94
      hey kilted ive sent you a request would appriciate a responce
    8. Iron Tyrant
      Iron Tyrant
      I am back in town if you want to trade. I will be checking periodically, even if it shows I'm offline.
    9. x.a.x
      I can't because right now it's 12:40 am and I'm getting sleepy.
    10. x.a.x
      It look like you are so busy can you vm when you get free ?

    11. x.a.x
      When can we trade ?
    12. jimboslice856
      hey kilted hows it going how the darkrai collection coming along , ive been keepin my eye out for more darkrai but havent come across ne yet. i was wondering if you would be interested in my keldeo from the event thats going on now its got a modest nature if so im very interested in your shiny dw vulpix let me know if your interested thanks!

      hey just wanted to let u know i just made a trade for a darkrai from a friend its the may 2012 naughty nature characteristic is somewhat of a clown its ut let me know if u would like to make a trade for this 2 thanks :)
    13. SilentReaper
      He left messages on me and smeargles vms insulting us and we both had like 10 people report it XD
    14. SilentReaper
      You're welcome :) thanks also. By the way you dont gotta worry about cobalt anymore he is banned*cough*
    15. SilentReaper
      alright will do
    16. SilentReaper
      Hey kilted how is everything? Are you free?
    17. x.a.x
      When you will be able to trade
    18. x.a.x
      The Naive Victini is fine
    19. x.a.x
      I want

      Masuda Deoxys
      UT level 100, Modest, OT ?????, ID 12152

      Korean Movie Victini
      UT Level 50, Naive/Jolly (If you have it), OT ???, ID 12221

      Korean Character Fair Shaymin
      UT level 50, Rash, OT ?????, ID 07249

      Navel Rock Lugia (Shiny, IVs of 29/27/30/27/24/27)
      UT level 70, Gentle, OT TY, ID 31279 (Knows Recover, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, and Swift)

      Naval Rock Ho-Oh (SHINY)**
      UT Level 70, Quirky, OT Adrian, ID 41453 (Recover, Fire Blast, Sunny Day, Swift)


      Team Rockets Meowth (Still with blue guy)
      Shiny Kyushu Trains Gardevoir (Near-Flawless + Kokura)
      Liberty Garden Victini (Uncaught)
      Singing Piplup (Still with blue guy)
      Movie 14 Victini (Still with blue guy)
    20. x.a.x
      Are you still interest in my pokes
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  • About

    United States, Illinois
    Favourite Pokémon:


    Wi-Fi Friend Codes:

    White: 2323 0046 0382 (Trainer name: ODIN) (for now, most trading will be with this FC)

    White 2: 0949 0066 2610 (Trainer name: Baldr)

    Current Darkrai Collection count: 241 and counting

    Trade shop OPEN! :D KiltedTrainer and Miss Wolveram's Trade Boutique