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Last Activity:
Mar 18, 2018
Jan 24, 2012
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Guardian of Asgard, from United States, Illinois

KiltedTrainer was last seen:
Mar 18, 2018
    1. pinkshirtbadman
      Just to be clear, you mean PM I assume?
    2. Charizard_Rulez84
      hey i will be home around 11:30 pm eastern time n if ur on we can trade ^_^
    3. pinkshirtbadman
      Badman / Odinson here,
      Sorry I didn't get back to you this afternoon, something came up, and I'm about to do dinner, I *may* have a moment tonight to get the trade done (Shiny Pichu for your shiny Pachirisu) But I have another engagement at 8:30 Central time that will last until pretty late, so it may be easier to schedule a time tomorrow. I'm home all day so just let me know what time and I'll be there.
      Pichu is on my white 2, I believe you said you grabbed the FC off my sig
      Thanks again
    4. Charizard_Rulez84
      Ok sure thats cool, seems I just missed u so we can trade next time ur on ^_^
    5. Charizard_Rulez84
      I'll be on for a little while longer if u come back on n wanna trade let me know n if u want the darkrai :D
    6. Charizard_Rulez84
      says somewhat stubborn ID#03208 modest, hp 131 atk 98 def 100 sp atk 162 sp def 109 speed 133
    7. Charizard_Rulez84
      hey kilted i just got these in a trade if ur interested, gothorita mild DW japanese event, victini happy christmas event modest, team rocket meowth timid, almia darkrai modest, zigzagoon(saphire n shiny) adamant, mew pal city(amnesia) gentle, bulbasaur 10 ani
    8. Charizard_Rulez84
      no prob kilted if not tonight i'll deff be on tomorrow :D
    9. Nitocrys
      im checking...ah i traded you the right one.
      and i do plan on browsing your shop in the near future.
    10. Nitocrys
      please note i had that darkrai right next to the other one, so if it's the wrong one just trade it back to me and ill trade you the right one.
    11. Nitocrys
      here's my white fc: 1808 0175 3061
      ill be waiting in the wifi room
    12. dewey911p
      Just figured I would shot you a VM telling you I finally got around to RNGing that Naive Darkrai I told you about :p Also, I was perusing through your shop looking at your formidable Darkrai collect and noticed that you listed this: Hera, 22222, Modest, somewhat vain (SHINY, 31/31/30/30/30/31) wrong. Not sure how many people are savvy with IV spreads and HP types, but HP Fire (31/31/30/30/31/30) is far better for a Darkrai than HP Poison (31/31/30/30/30/31) is ;o Any way, hope you and Wolveram are doing well, your trade shop sure looks like it is!
    13. leerod159
      Sorry, i had slept while waiting for you. I am on now.
    14. ZombifiedHorror1031
      Just a heads up, regarding the final bit of our trade. I just sent a rather important message (and a very short follow-up because I forgot something :P) a few moments ago.

      Don't worry, it's nothing bad; just something you might want to see sooner rather than later so that we can get this trade finished up.
    15. SmeargleRocks
      Okay cool I WILl save her the lugia then :)
      Okay, here’s the plan: We go in, start hitting people, and see where it takes us.
      Maes Hughes (Fullmetal Alchemist)
    16. SmeargleRocks
      okay cool cause it has all its original moves except one, its moves are Hydro Pump, Psycho Boost, Featherdance, and Nightmare (XD exclusive)
    17. SmeargleRocks
      Oh okay, should I hold one for you incase you want one at a later point? Like lugia or chansey?
    18. SmeargleRocks
      Hey Kilted, do you and Wolveram still want my XD birds and chansey with seismic toss, skill swap, and sweet kiss?
    19. leerod159
      I can trade now, use my white fc.
    20. ZombifiedHorror1031
      Good to hear your holidays went well! :)

      No worries on the late response, I understand completely.

      I just sent the lists off to you, so I'll be awaiting response. I'd also like to let you know ahead of time that the best hours for me to trade as of now are evenings.

      See ya soon.
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  • About

    United States, Illinois
    Favourite Pokémon:


    Wi-Fi Friend Codes:

    White: 2323 0046 0382 (Trainer name: ODIN) (for now, most trading will be with this FC)

    White 2: 0949 0066 2610 (Trainer name: Baldr)

    Current Darkrai Collection count: 241 and counting

    Trade shop OPEN! :D KiltedTrainer and Miss Wolveram's Trade Boutique