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Last Activity:
Mar 18, 2018
Jan 24, 2012
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Guardian of Asgard, from United States, Illinois

KiltedTrainer was last seen:
Mar 18, 2018
    1. Ilane
      I saw the post in your shop from cobalion69 that got him banned. He is now also banned from mine. Bictac also banned him too.
    2. Ilane
      Yeah, so the deoxys flawless naive is the one I'd like from your shop for the registeel, if that's ok.

      BTW, I noticed your darkrai collection and if you can clone (aka I want the original back and would like the clone marked NFT), I do have a flawless timid event darkrai and a HP 70 Fire Modest event Darkrai (take that steel types) that were RNG'd by me.
    3. Ilane
      yeah, I try to do perfect...which is why now every request takes two RNGs. One of the parent, who ends up in the sanctuary for trade, and one for the actual request. People were getting antsy about the near-flawless shiny only. But I try to keep flips under 20-25...due to my attention span being so low XD.

      My goal is to RNG a hidden power/flawless pokedex for myself, so that is why I'm after the flawless naive deoxys :).
    4. Ilane
      Ah, so F would be flawless and NF would be nearflawless...interesting.

      Having fun is great, RNG is generally frustrating and fun...RNG god of 2013 is being awesome. Hopefully I won't piss him off this time.

      Yeah, the biggest problem I have with my sponsorship section is people wanting legendaries/events for teams and I tell them no and they get mad...but I only do eggs normally because it's a lot of work to RNG legendaries when I don't clone and then give them away for free >_<. It's part of my support the WiFi competitive battler community thing...but it's people like that that make me want to close the whole thing down.
    5. Ilane
      SF? I don't know this term.

      Wow that's interesting...mild nature. Hmmm, lol that's interesting. I tend to RNG competitive things so mild is really not in my OMG I need that nature bin. Jolly, Timid, Modest, Adamant, Bold, Calm are the things I look for. Occasionally Hasty and Naive as well.

      So I could do a completely unique and random set for the registeel...something new to try...fun this will be.
    6. SmeargleRocks
      Yeah it definitely is :)
    7. Ilane
      If you want to give me free rein that is fine really, just a new situation for me lol, people always want flawless shiny etc stuff. Are you one of those full nature set collectors?

      Registeel, I think I requested your flawless naive deoxys? Or at least I think it was a flawless deoxys...
    8. Ilane
      haha, yeah roamers are just terrible to RNG XD. The registeel works...but new computer is taking some time and I'm on my 7th badge in black 2. Went through like 3 badges waiting for new years XD.

      If you could grab the form from my shop and fill it out, so I know what I'm aiming for when I RNG, that would be a major help as well. If you rather I put the form here for you, I can do that.

      2 Pokemon? We'll see how much work it is (I know a few that are having issues), but I also don't want to rip you off...so we'll agree to 1 for now and then see how bad BW2 RNG is XD.
    9. SmeargleRocks
      She is, been dating for the past I think 2 weeks now, she came over to my house for the first time, didn't know what she'd think, she said it wasn't bad and is more quiet than her house cause she is the youngest if about 5-6 siblings, I hang out with her every morning in school and walk her to class if I can as well :) still don't get why she likes me though, still REALLY don't understand why but I'm happy being with her :)
    10. Ilane
      I have a Kyurem in B1 that is sitting right now that I can RNG if you want that. Registeel would work as well, as long as neither of them are roamers. OMG RNG-ing roamers is terrible and I don't want to do it more than I have to XD. I got super lucky on my flawless timid tornadus in B1 (NTF...took way too much effort and time).

      Ok...so you want three pokemon? I'll have to look at what I wanted from your shop again...I've forgotten it's been so long XD. Sorry.
    11. SmeargleRocks
      Hope you both had fun and it wasn't all work for both of you :)
    12. Ilane
      The following are not available on B2: Latios, Cresselia, and Heatren. All other B2 legendaries and anything on W2 is available. I don't advertise the legendaries...so most people don't know about them. I'm willing to do one play through for trade legendaries but that's it really. I don't normally offer them because lol /lazy.

      Shiny Near-Flawless (with an X being in the useless stat) is ok? If I can find a flawless seed that is not in the 100s+ I might do that too. My troll count is like 20 attempts piece and losing track of flips after about 30 is what happens XD.
    13. SmeargleRocks
      Ahh cool thanks I was really curious and didn't know if it was a false read or something, my new years was pretty good, went to the mall, watched Ted, and watched Jeff Dunham with my girlfriend we had a good day and are happy with how we ended the break and didn't just sit at home doing nothing so yeah it was pretty good :)
    14. Ilane
      Hello. You said to VM you about shop trades. I did make a post about which legendaries you were talking about.
    15. SmeargleRocks
    16. ZombifiedHorror1031
      Hey there Kilted, I hope you and Wolveram had a Merry Christmas yesterday! :)

      I was just checking in to see whether you saw my message last week. I understand this has been a hectic month, so I hope it's not a bother.

      I'll talk to you soon. :)
    17. jimboslice856
      not a problem at all and thank you as always i will keep my eye out for ya and try to help you grow ur collection :)
    18. Spudnugget1
      Alright, I can totally do that. To be totally honest with you though, I was offering these things up for Meloettas in the other sticky before it keeled over, and I VMed you on the shaky premise that you might have one.

      I know, it's cheap, but they don't allow cloning and I'm a bit stuck in that regard. It's totally fine if this doesn't work in any feasible manner.
    19. jimboslice856
      gonna leave and come back
    20. jimboslice856
      awsome sounds good ill head into wifi in a couple
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    United States, Illinois
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    Wi-Fi Friend Codes:

    White: 2323 0046 0382 (Trainer name: ODIN) (for now, most trading will be with this FC)

    White 2: 0949 0066 2610 (Trainer name: Baldr)

    Current Darkrai Collection count: 241 and counting

    Trade shop OPEN! :D KiltedTrainer and Miss Wolveram's Trade Boutique