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  • Yes. I'll around this weekend

    What time do you want me to be in your GMT and what your GMT ?
    :O thats genius.
    thanks for the info.
    btw, is there anyway to send a event pokemon's pkm. file from the game to computer?
    hey kilted, i was wondering if you could be willing to teach me how you clone.
    if not it's fine, thanks anyway.
    hey kilted hows it going how the darkrai collection coming along , ive been keepin my eye out for more darkrai but havent come across ne yet. i was wondering if you would be interested in my keldeo from the event thats going on now its got a modest nature if so im very interested in your shiny dw vulpix let me know if your interested thanks!

    hey just wanted to let u know i just made a trade for a darkrai from a friend its the may 2012 naughty nature characteristic is somewhat of a clown its ut let me know if u would like to make a trade for this 2 thanks :)
    I want

    Masuda Deoxys
    UT level 100, Modest, OT ?????, ID 12152

    Korean Movie Victini
    UT Level 50, Naive/Jolly (If you have it), OT ???, ID 12221

    Korean Character Fair Shaymin
    UT level 50, Rash, OT ?????, ID 07249

    Navel Rock Lugia (Shiny, IVs of 29/27/30/27/24/27)
    UT level 70, Gentle, OT TY, ID 31279 (Knows Recover, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, and Swift)

    Naval Rock Ho-Oh (SHINY)**
    UT Level 70, Quirky, OT Adrian, ID 41453 (Recover, Fire Blast, Sunny Day, Swift)


    Team Rockets Meowth (Still with blue guy)
    Shiny Kyushu Trains Gardevoir (Near-Flawless + Kokura)
    Liberty Garden Victini (Uncaught)
    Singing Piplup (Still with blue guy)
    Movie 14 Victini (Still with blue guy)
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