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  • Sorry for make you wait all this time, but I was busy

    that I couldn't trade.

    Your pokes are ready to trade
    That's fine, but be aware that starting tomorrow afternoon, I will not be able to trade for two weeks. I'll send the pic (I only have a personal email, so I'll just use that), but it might be a tad fuzzy, as I just snapped it w/ my Iphone.

    Edit: Email sent
    I cannot access the DW, so will the other pic work? If so, we should trade tonight, as you appear to be leaving tomorrow and I will be w/out wifi for two weeks starting monday.
    Does it only let you on once every 24 hrs per account or per game cart? I can burn some time w/ W2 if the latter.

    Edit: I think I can have the 'good' image by midnight, as I think that's when I tried to log on last night. Since I haven't picked up the arceus, is there any partcicular nature or anything you want? Note that I cannot RNG in entralink.
    Well, I still can't get into the DW. Am I correct that if you change the time settings it won't let you in for 24 hrs after attempting?
    Lol...yeah. I'm not as big in the trade shop section as I should be, but I guess my shop is different from most as well.
    No problem; I'll see what I can do. I couldn't get my computer to take a screenshot (even googled it), so I took a pic of the screen with my Iphone. I'll try to get the other image though.
    OK, my black version cannot connect to entralink, saying it needs to recharge. Same problem with my white version. I'm assuming I have changed DSs, as the silver one I used to use broke. However, it says I haven't tucked in a pokemon since last march. Thus, I won't be able to get the image for 24 hrs. I can trade now, but I am assuming you want the screenshot first.

    Edit: I found another screen that shows the arceus w/out entering the DW itself, from the game cart info screen. Let me save it.
    Indeed it is...I just wanted to give you a head ups. Too bad there isn't a trading guild for all the shop owners to discuss crap like this.
    Apparently he posted the same thing in like 2 other threads too according to Bic.

    I reported his signature.
    Hey, sorry I missed you, I must have literally just left the wifi room when you posted this. I'm going back in, hope to see you there, otherwise I am free all day tomorrow to meet.
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