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  • no, I haven't. I'm on my 7th(?) badge. I'm moving along at a decent pace, so I should be done soon. Thank you for telling me my safari type, though.
    your safari type is electric with a pachirisu and a picachu I can't find a third (have you beat the E4 and diantha yet?)

    Thank you so much I found a shiny pachirisu as the second pokemon
    I can trade anytime you would like. I'm available right now, even. If you send me a message to confirm, I'll head straight to the wifi room. :)
    Not sure what time zone you're in. I'm in US Eastern time zone, so right now it's 12:00 midnight here. I could either trade you when I get home from work (around 2:00am this morning), or I could trade you sometime Monday-Wednesday, 10/10-10/12 (today thru wed, technically at this point) during the day as long as it's before 200pm Eastern time.
    I do need a lucky egg still, if you want to trade. are you looking for any particular I have that I posted in the original post. The only downside is that the dw pokes I have are all male, though I do have a nice dw skarmory and also a vulpix, among others. A evo stone would be fine too. are you looking for any one in particular?
    Did you still need a Lucky Egg? I can get you one of my extras if you want. An evolution stone or DW pokemon would be nice
    If you have a girl DW Tropius, I have a Shiny, Naughty, UT Treecko. I can breed for a normal, Jolly one as well. Willing to trade?
    Hi there, are you still wanting to trade your rufflet for a caught-at-victory-road vullaby? I've got vullaby from Pokemon white but would really like a rufflet to train before taking on the elite four. Thanks!
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