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  • Yeah, I tried twice solo before I even considered the other two and failed both times because I took to long catching the Girafarigs. Fortunately I beat him within 2 tries this time and I've only got Feraligatr to go before I unlock Abomasnow. If I'm not sucessful though, I can always wait until the weekend when I go to league as there's at least 2 people there with the game. Although I know one of them's only in the fire temple and she's had the game much longer than me...
    No, it wasn't Brandan who did that. It was Ethereal in my match vs. Dave on here. It was quite possibly the shortest RF that didn't involve a pokemon with a 4x weakness ever as half of my Nosepass's health was gone in the first round from a single bubblebeam.

    Oh, wait, after looking again, he edited the reffing well after we'd both ordered and just before posting the second. But the next round I lost around 1.5 HB damage after a Rock Smash and a water gun. Either that Rock Smash was super powerful or Ethereal forgot the advice that he gave CrazyCupcake

    Also, I've beat Emp now. I'm figuring out my best path for Weavile... This is the first time I've reached capturing it.
    Lol, I'm fine with you reffing. So long as you don't mind me silently back-seat reffing, lol. It's like I did with Brandan, although with him I had no idea how he worked his damage scales as under my system (using the same attacks) the battle would have ended 1 round sooner and I was much closer to KO that Brandan described.
    I just hope you wouldn't ref bubblebeam taking almost 2hb of health from a rock type :p

    Also, I'm getting close to soloing the temple with Empoleon by using a Hippopotas for the tired effect from it's assist. I'm just lousy at timing the release so it doesn't get splashed or slashed.
    That would mean I'll have to give up using Desukaun because I can't have two ghost types on the same team for it'll unbalance my team type wise, even though I like the Ghost/Ground type.
    Now what's left is a slow ground type to use for my TR team for how it's important to have one due to STAB EQ.
    Does Desukaun fit well with the TR team, or is it better off as Wall/Special Sweeper and use its slow speed for its own favor? That way, I can use it on my White team.
    Should the sea lamprey only be limited to TR teams? If so, I may have to use it on my Black team instead of my White team to develop one, since I'm picking Tepig in that version. However, I seem to have trouble finding any slow grass types and water types I like in order to balance my TR team type wise.
    Haha, yeah, the whole Coronet-Distortion World sequence was done really well. A lot of Platinum's story and gameplay were improved from DP, and even were better than BW's, judging by youtube clips.
    Oh, shoot. Well, it happens to everyone. I hope you've got a decent grip on things yourself?

    I don't post in GPD as much as I used to, rather doing more reading/lurking. But it's always cool to see posts of a higher quality than the usual no-caps/no-grammar newbies. ^_^

    Ah, shame. What games do you have to battle with?
    Hiya, Kindrindra! I've been reading a lot of your posts in GPD lately, and I wanted to say they're pretty good reading material. Before this month, it had been a while since we last saw you in GPD. =0

    Also, I see from your conversation with FightingPikachu, you're a battler? ^_^
    Hey, i'm guessing you forgot to put the match on the ref queue so I added it for you. We have a ref take it already it seems, apologies if you didn't post it because you had someone else in mind. ^^;;
    No problem at all. I understand. I'm not sure if I can win it for you, but BTW, your strategy was interesting. I didn't see your second Pokémon, so we could probably even use the same teams if we get another chance to battle.
    Are you available to battle now? Please let me know! Thanks!

    EDIT: Oops. I apparently sent this message too late. Well, how about Friday some time? 8:45 in the evening maybe?
    Oh no. I apologize. Yesterday, the forums indicated that you had been on at 7:16 in the morning. I apologize for not being on at 7:15 when I had expressly stated I would be. (I don't do my best thinking while half-asleep.) I also noticed that you were on at like 6:15 in the evening. I should have stated that I would be checking every hour in the afternoon.

    Anyway, I'll be on at 4 and again at 5 in the afternoon, but not past then. However, I may be on sometime later at night. I might not be able to, though, but I will make every effort to be on at 7:15 tomorrow morning.

    Hope we can find a good time. Please let me know if you know of a time that will work.
    Okay, just to let you know, I plan to be on Wi-Fi every hour (on the hour) to check back. I won't be on the forums each time, but I will some of the times.

    If you see this message, please let me know a time that would work for you. Thanks!
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