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  • No, I mean I was busy with stuff and didn't notice it immediately (as is the case with this 4-hour long wait :D), which I try to maintain most of the time while I'm on the computer.

    So, any neat new happenings so far?
    Yeah, it hasn't really been very interesting here for me either, mostly due to the en masse of belligerant, overweening ****tards who'll jump on you on the slightest provocation in the pictures thread (though the one in which this took place is locked and has had 80% of the idiot posts in question deletd). I mostly come on here when I'm bored of doing all the insane amounts of homework I keep getting in class, and that's about it.

    Sorry it took a bit longer to reply than you'd have liked, but I was preoccupied with stuff.
    Joking that the chances for a particular user getting raped was high; mods didn't take it so well.

    I see you've been gone a bit yourself (must be the first time I was the one to instigate the conversation between us), family issues, or school?

    I am taking a college level class. If I pass the exam I get college credit. : 3
    Aww. *huggles*

    Well, seeing as how I haven't been on in a few weeks, how was school?
    That's one good thing about her, but if everyone has a problem understanding her, she should really do something about it.
    You should get one of the other students to help you, do they all struggle reading her handwriting?

    Either that or you could ask her to try and explain things a little better.
    I was never a big fan of school, especially high school.

    It does actually get better believe it or not, once you get used to your schedule.
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