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  • I have no games for the 360 because I am not allowed to play it. The last time I played it I played Fallout 3 and my step dad sold the game..even though he bought it just because I played it.
    No, my step dad got one for Father's Day but then he sold it and got an Xbox, how nice of him.
    You're lucky, i can't even manage 1 of the silver symbols.

    I think the highest streaki got was around 9.
    I know a little, but not really that much. I can say "The kitty has reached critical mass" in a Russian accent though.
    About your Russian:

    1. I know a site that teaches it to you and it has audio, it also has a option where you can submit your own (it's part of the lesson, but optional) and people who know Russian rate it.
    2. If you want to type Russian, why not use the Latin alphabet? A lot of people do. Like Romaji instead of Kana in Japanese.
    3. Russian <3
    I never managed to figure that out, i've just about managed to get a team together for Platinum though, which is a start.

    You'll manage to get it to lv100 in no time.

    I think you should have a strong ice or electric type, i've found that they go well with Gible and Lavitar.
    Hmm, that sounds useful. Are there any BF-exclusive berries that aren't transferrable or obtainable anywhere else? I have a Sapphire that was hacked to contain basically all useful items and berries (as well as Key Items like both versions of the bike, etc.), and some of them aren't tradable for some gay ass reason.
    Yeah, but at least it's not like in the craptastic show, where they're basically gym leader replacements for another milked season, so that's a bit better, I guess (even if it takes ages to get to them). Blah, the BF was such a pain and I hate the arc it spawned in the manga, so I mostly just hung around every now and then for Battle Points.

    What items are purchasable there, now?

    (Oh, and I just clicked a link to see a Magikarp solo Palmer's team out, pretty much.)
    Hmm, maybe I should rent a Platinum to see if it's any fun, unlike the last time. Also, do you have to beat the brains twice, like before?
    Heh, I never really bothered with the frontier crap much; I lost once or twice against that ***** in the huge Seviper mouth thing because I was being an idiot and using Blastburn/FP/HC starters and royally getting poisoned and crap afterward, plus, I spam legendary ubers like crap, so the others were pretty neglected, and I didn't really know the importance of items a whole lot at the time. Factory is probably the easiest, since you can willingly change out party members and they all come with pre-held items and all that, but I never bothered with it. Pyramid is a pain in the butt, and the rest I never really checked out at all. Probably won't, since my Pokedex is complete on Emerald and my gameboys aren't charged at all.
    Yeah, I guess. Next time, no way I'm ever letting a shiny escape my grasp; I might even cheat to steal shinies from things like battle towers/factories. Probably...
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