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  • I used to have a FireRed that I bought not long after it came out, but it got stolen in a library and I never got it back, but since I only had my Charmander starter it wasn't that bad to lose it, and I got to keep the wireless adapter anyway, and soon got a replacement with another wireless which allowed me to start over twice to gain all 3 starters and an Eevee holding Masterball. It's really sad that the cloning glitch was never in the FRLG versions, because I'd have a lot less trades on my hands if I could simply clone and trade in my pokemon freely without having to clone it on Emerald. My dad is about to take the laptop that I'm using so I'll have to log off now, see ya tomorrow morning Ed.
    Lol, liking that policeman outfit a lot more... But it's from the GSC generation so the graphic ain't that great lol. I used to use my first name in my usernames a lot as well, especially when I had them in a Korean website and my long name (in English) was "normal."

    My most ridiculous one was "ss2superlouis" from when my friend gave me the name louis (loo-ee, and that's my name on my Emerald as well, only it's spelled "Louie") to use at an international school because my native Korean name was hard to pronounce and write.

    As for re-starts in Diamond, I did that with LeafGreen (for the nugget bridge) and thankfully it was easy to back then, since you didn't have to delete the old files to make a new one. But that might just be a good feature since it means you can't accidently overwrite your file lol. My main HM slave in the second gen is the shiny lake of rage gyarados, which I raised to level 75 I think (with Waterfall + Surf + Whirlpool + Hyperbeam), and I caught all three legendary dogs with them in the box as level 72ers as well, while the Ho-Oh I caught in Gold has 77, and Lugia is a bit above that since it was caught at 70, but has crap moves since it doesn't come with Aeroblast. I don't know if you have ever played Crystal, but if you have, can you answer me whether the Hooh or Lugia you catch (my first Ho-oh on my English Gold rom was named "Yu-Gi-Oh" xD) lacks a move or two? Because I hear that the legendary 3 are absolutely pivotal for you to even attempt to catch Hooh which is a pain. Like having to import the three Regis to even access Regigigas in the fourth gen I would presume, and its ability is like worse than Slaking's.. >_>
    Well, Bidoof is a piece of crap whether it's a shiny or not (especially when it's so low-level, but I know like five hundred people who met one before they could get Pokeballs and man are they angry!), or if it's got "OMGUwIbAAA!!1!!!!11" IVs and Stats, so it really doesn't matter to me nearly as much as knocking out my first shiny, and no less a level 42'er which would've done wonders for my then-below 50 on average Diamond team... (my Empoleon and Dialga were pretty much the highest in terms of stats, and I'd just caught the Mesprit since the Infernape I used on that shiny was lvl 49 so it did a good repel'er, but my 42-er Exp-shared piece of crap Torterra was so bad I put it in the box)

    As for the voice thing, I just started the thread for it which got locked sadly and my attempt to recreate it went unnoticed so I thought if I could get people to do it via the visitor message and have success that would've been great, but not really necessary so don't worry about it. If you want to hear mine though, I have a few files and a youtube video in which I sadly spoke Korean all the way through so you wouldn't understand a single word lol.

    I still have an intense hate for that shiny Floatzel though, can you change it? (if this thing happens again when Platinum comes out I will SUE Nintendo, charges are for critical hit ratio being way too high)h >_>

    And kinda irrelevent, but is your name really Edwin? I know like five people who actually use their real-life names online and the rest are apprehensive as hell over having their name disclosed online lol. Whenever I ask someone's middle or full name, they want to slap me in the face and beat me with a baseball bat >_>

    My name is really weird since it's a native Korean name and I didn't change it, but the impression that it gave was hilarious. I speak accentless English and have done so before I turned twelve, so when they go in a conversation and ask my name, I'm all: **e/y ****g, and they're all: WHAT.

    That happened with my dad, too. His name is Sang-Heon (pronounced like "honey") and they think it's pronounced like the word "I sang ____." English totally screws with these foreign names sometimes...
    Oh, I almost caught a shiny Floatzel right next to the last gym over on my Diamond, but ended up killing it with a critical-hit Mach Punch, so from then on, after about seventy failed tries to recreate the exact circumstances that led up to my encounter, I gave up on that damn game and the Pokemon franchise as a whole. And it was just my first real Shiny encounter, too. My brother caught a shiny primeape on his leaf-green using that trick (and a week after LG was released in America, too.. T_T), and though I stole and cloned it multiple times when I traded my old copy of DBZ Budokai 3 for itb, I never was able to meet a non-hacked shiny until then. That damn golden Floatzel was such a beauty, too...

    I really should stop *****ing over such a petty thing, but even after a year and a half since that incident I can't get over it. And here I am about to turn 17 in the upcoming Febuary 25th...*shoots self*

    Not quite relevent, but do you have any footage of your voice or something being spoken by you in a message/chat?

    PS: I joined in '05 on my original account by the way, how the years pass by in a jiffy as none of us make any real progress... V_V
    Your shiny Floatzel avatar and join date piss off a tad. >_>

    What happened to you, my dear little shinezel?!?!
    MEEP MEEP MEEP meeP MeeP meep MeEp mEeP meeeeeeeeeep!
    (translation:i like them a lot too but i dont have a shiny one. i picked the avatar because he looks like he wants a hug which is funny. i didnt even notice it was a shiny floatzel until now.)
    Meep. Meeep meemeep meep. meep meep. MEEP!!

    *translation: I love shiny floatzel. I call him the yellow submersible. (because he can learn dive.)
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