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  • Ah, damn.

    Oh well, I never did play the DPPt generation much after that damn critical hit killed my shiny goldzel, anyway.
    Lmao, couldn't you teach it... some... fire stuff, or something to kick that ass?

    This is why you should always take the opportunity to make use of the cloning machine of GTS (not that you have the option) while it's available; the 42-or-less-Palkia/Dialga is untradable thing will be made moot with the release of HGSS, so they're likely going to fix the cloning glitch soon, which means the only way to duplicate Pokemon would be on an obsolete Gen 3 game. :(
    Why'd you save it after that? I don't think even Wii or GC games save immediately on their own... do they (since I definitely think that doesn't happen on DS, either)?
    Yeah, but do you know if the Japanese/Asian version was any different? I mean, the Colloseum bonus disk originally contained a shiny Zigzagoon, after all...
    I see. Does the Diamond/Pearl version in question have to have the E4 cleared/National Dex obtained, or something like that?
    Can you use the move relearner to teach it any moves it would've learned at a lower level, or what?

    Also, does that only send the Mew to Gen 3 games, or can the DPPt series do the same, as well?
    Heheh, yeah. Does it hold any special items (like my event Mew, which held a Lucky Egg)?

    Pokerus, perhaps? Mine had one, but I forgot that you have to place it in the box if you want it to permanently keep the Pokerus, so I couldn't spread it the next time I turned on my game. T_T
    Hah, I have a legit Mew, myself... well, it used to be one, but I cloned it about 32 times, so now there's a package for the whole family to enjoy!

    (Also, I have an imported legit Mew, Celebi, and Deoxys on my Pearl, but I haven't used them)
    Heh, I live on the 17th floor myself, didn't really do anything much when I dropped a half-eaten 7-day old waffle out the window, really. You need to have more time smashing it and personally seeing to its utter annhilation for you to have as much fun with it as you can (that and there are hardly any tall buildings in California, so the trip wouldn't be worth it).
    What other pets do you have? Perhaps if you had an ant farm, the fire idea could be set in their cage/home; bugs burn real nice. ~_~
    Yeah, but it's very fun, and the melting plastic adding to the temperature and scalding, it'll take years for it to get over it, the furless, bu-zuuurned tail (stump). :D
    Either that, or you cut it open with a machetti and pick it apart, before you pour boiling oil over it, and tie it to your neighbor's dog's tail and set it on fire.
    Might want to smash it with a sledgehammer until the only remnants of the worthless piece of scrap are bits of powder, and then drop a boulder on it. Brings self-satisfaction.
    Good luck with that, I guess. You might want to Palpark the first Pokemon you get at the start, namely the starters, beforehand, though. Just a thought.
    Yeah, it's pretty crystal-clear enough that the angsty, bitterness-pent-up simpleton likes to light a fuse and prey on whoever he can that apparently get on his nerves because he's an idiot.

    Well, either way, I believe you'd need to have hit around the final gym all the way to the Groudon encounter, or so, in order to have the Dive HM and the number of things required to open the Regi doors and all that (especially since you need a Relicanth in your team, and whatnot), so you'd need to be very cautious with that, I guess. I'd recommend Palparking a lot of the once-in-a-game things like Masterballs and all that beforehand, since you never know when the game will go and delete itself again. Good luck with it.
    I hadn't thought about it, but you're right it's almost August.

    That sounds like quite a good game.
    Simple way to make some usage off it is to get as far on it as you can to the point where you have all the version exclusives (minus Groudon, which I don't really think counts, since it's in Emerald anyway), and trade all of them to your FireRed, or Palpark all the nuggets, PP Maxes, Exp. Shares, Macho braces, etc., along with the starters and fossil Pokemon, if you haven't done that already (which I doubt). Then, when it erases itself, either get Nintendo to exchange it for a functional copy with your friend's receipt, or...

    There's the old classic of selling it without telling the game shop clerk it's broken? That's what I'd do when it has no more use.

    And yes, I have 27-8-ish infractions now, though the ban was without infraction and entirely a straight-from-impulse thing from that gigantic hypocrite we all know and quite frankly want to hang. Guess who it is and what he flexed his E-penitz for?
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