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  • Yeah, but there aren't a lot of series that last past 2 consoles on the same console, at least the ones I play (since I rarely ever do).
    Yeah, I rarely see a series of games moving on to the next generation console (except Resident Evil 4-5, maybe), but I have both those consoles (obviously), so, meh, may as well rent them and play that sometime.
    Hmm, all that talk about 12-year olds has reminded me of this picture I had taken back at the Universal Studios in Nov. 2004 (which was a few months before I turned 13) or so. I could scan it if you wish, but my short hair didn't look all that great with a visor. :p

    Yeah, threads like those getting unlocked really isn't good news; it's sure to turn into a troll-and-flame-for-all fest within the first 12 minutes.

    Were the last two M&L RPGs on the DS, as well?
    Yeah, I tend to avoid holding the insults back when the dire drone comes in looking to derail someone else's profile pages with the lamest provocations and angry, shittastic loads of pure bull, so I ended up reprimanding the idiot ***** to death, sorry if you'd rather have not seen it.

    Not like anyone has the patience to look through the entire 43-page conversation, but if me linking to it offended you by any means, I'll apologize. If you want anything else to be private (despite the fact that just about the only thing that regular members can't see would be private messages in others' folders and the staff-only sections), just give me the word.

    It is pretty weird how Hakuro's messages in my profile have been deleted with my name on top, but I don't even remember touching them once. o_0

    Damn mods and their deception.

    Edit: As for the Brawl thing, no, the only home console I own (but never use) as of now is an old PS2; used to have a GC that I played SSBM on, it got sold.
    Oh, lawd. Jawkapoosh actually closed the thread knowing I was about to make a response.

    what a n00b!

    Here's the whole thing in verbatim, also:

    And you might want to keep the choppy, trite, worth-a-speck of dust-comments from corrupting your one-line posts that everyone considers to be trash, too, boyo.

    Newsflash: Neither your location nor avatar nor the usertitle are funny in any shape, form, or size, either.

    do society a favor and lynch yourself kay
    Yeah, he can't actually go up and bite your **** over every little thing you say here in these neglected and attention-deprived comment pages; don't worry. He is immature and likes to retreat to his modcave whenever he can, so he really has no room to back out on that one (though he has infracted me again, and it's provided more than a bit of lulz, yup).

    What console is that Mother 3 on?
    Well, that too, but his 2-topic changes-per-thirty-minutes thing is hard to tolerate without a serious case of overperserverance (if that's a word), yeah.

    All title changes are pretty much unoriginal, anyhow. Especially from the guys who go and jump into the circus clown bandwagon of handing infractions out when they can't berth themselves. :D
    Yeah, his friends are pretty much a batch of morons to be unable to comprehend the fact that the reason I said "When they aren't your own" is because that thread happened to be mine, haha.

    What a buncha "faggots" they are, eh?
    Hmm, maybe you should consider simply selling that and/or buying an Emerald in its place, perhaps? Ebay has tons of auctions for Pokemon versions on GBA and DS platforms alike with exclusive event Pokemon and such programmed in at decent prices, so you could give it a try...
    Oh wow, that sounds pretty troubling. You might want to clean it out a bit more often or stow it in a case, or something. I know I wouldn't want that to happen to my Emerald, Ruby, or FireRed, considering I have 379 entries on the former (with 4/5 more about to be traded in before I get playing on my old LeafGreen to get the LG exclusives), and over 320 on the FR, etc.

    So, remember to take better care of it, I guess. Also, try reinserting the game pak after it says the save file's been deleted once; old games tend to go up and say the file's gone when it really isn't.
    Oh, man. That sounds like a pretty traumatizing event, considering you were planning to capture that Groudon and whatnot for your future HGSS gameplay. Shucks, that kind of thing "happens" to my Emerald now and then (which is especially throat-gulping considering I have 366 Pokedex entries and 70 hours on it), but if I pull it out and clean or blow on it, it doesn't usually persist; it is a scary thought to lose it all, though.

    Maybe you'll find your Emerald in the future?

    (as for the Wifi thing, I'm just saying that I'd Palpark them all and crush my foes, for the record.)
    Although it's probably the first party Pokemon that follows you around (as I wouldn't exactly bet my money on Gamefreak actually letting you CHOOSE which Pokemon follows you in the Pokemon menu), I'm hoping you would be allowed to choose whether or not a Pokemon follows you at all. Steelix in water reminds me of the episode where there was a race in that crappy show, and Brock's Onix couldn't follow him through a river haha.

    Maybe we can get Wifi installed around where we live, by the time HG/SS comes out? I know surely as hell I'd import all my savvy-strong Pokemon to my HG.
    (Continued from below for 1000-charlimit reasons)

    And by the way, do you hope that the Groudon you'll need to have in HG and/or Kyogre in SS isn't limited to the one straight from the other game, with all these new legendaries? I hope you can just palpark that Kyogre over from older games or trade it, seeing as I have just about 5 cloned copies of Kyogre (lvl 100) in my Emerald with 2 more in my old Ruby and such, so... yeah. Wouldn't be my money on it, though. Crap, they always think up the most random of reasons to entice people into buying/trading both games and such...
    All 493? Damn, it'd be very awkward to have things like Groudon or Origin Giratina tailing you when they take up 3/4ths of the street you're walking into, but I guess that's acceptable (if the Elite 4 is strengthened this time, and not the 40s-crap ones in the original Gen 2). An expanded Kanto sounds great, though. That's for sure.

    *Sprees off to the main site*

    Also, which version are you planning to get, by the way? If it were like the Johto games of old where you couldn't access Lugia's ultimate attack (Aeroblast) in Gold due to the lack of the move relearner, I'd have gotten SS, but since the lack of that particular function has a 0.00000000000034% chance of being present in this game, I'll get HeartGold as always; liked the first of the duo whenever they come out, anyhow.
    I heard that you can get Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza.

    I never knew that they could all follow you, i thought it was just the starters.
    Won't you be in high school starting at June? I've already passed my GEDs and am quite busy with the stuff after that, but let me tell you, high school is a lot more of a hellhole than you reckon. Homework in Junior Year is a freakin' killer.
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