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  • Must be good to be you. All the other kids I know around my age are busy with the finals until the end of the week, so much that they can't even go for a chat.

    Man, I miss 7th grade.
    Yeah, getting games for free, or anything (besides diseases, stalking fangirls, etc.) for that matter, is pretty good business, reminds me of how I got this LeafGreen copy for positively nothing from the idiot brat, or how he bought a GameCube with 5 other games for, like, 23 bucks, etc. Now if only I could do that with something other than the Tindendo Bii. ~_~

    That also reminds me of how I pretty much had the last 3 or so days of 6th grade off because the teachers would just put a movie on with shitloads of snacks and drinks to be passed out for hours, we got through... like, the entirety of Lord of the ***gs with how much we got to slack off? I never drank anything besides the water or orange juice, though, as I think soda is pretty nasty. 7th grade didn't offer me the same leisure.
    People do that a lot. I believe I barely passed 5th grade after not turning several projects in at the end of the year on 2003, and man, did that habit I ended up with totally kill my first middle school year...

    Most of the people I know from the bay area and nearby all pretty much have school until next Friday (albeit a minimum day, but whatever), so you're pretty lucky there, kiddo. Summer vacation doesn't last anywhere near as long as you guys have it over here, so... yeah. Enjoy your extended holidays and that free game, I haven't given any valuable out for free since I was 12 and gave my yougayhoh~mo card collection to some random kid, though getting them is another story.
    Yeah, I can't even refund it to a store or Nintendo, seeing as it was the seller who actually bought the game first... dammit, I'll have to settle for a measley 12 bucks if I were to sell it at a local game store (because, apparently, opening and playing a game for 12 minutes makes the game's equivalent of a car with 23459588 miles on it already)...

    Since I'm never going to be able to post the entire thing (or hell, even a tenth of it here thanks to the damn character limit), I'll link you to the post where I quoted it and such. It's... the longest rant I've conjured in the past 2 months, so be warned that you'll require a good 5-6 minutes of straight-on reading for even 3/4ths of it. I've only known one chat buddy who has read the entire thing (or so she says), but here it is anyway.
    I just passed the triple-6 mark in post count just now. I'm quite disappointed... not as fulfilling as I'd have hoped.

    I also have a huge rant about me getting a defunct copy of Platinum shipped in without any way to get my money back with shipping cost included, you want to read it? I swear, Nintendo ****ing hates me to death.
    Yeah, tell me about it. I know from a freaking personal experience involving KO-ing a shiny I found in the wild because of it... T_T

    There should be an item or something that prevents critical hits but up's attack, or something of the sort.
    Yeah, the game can mess with your head at times like those. I swear, the opponent hits me faster and always accurately, and when my moves hit, it's in the wild and I wanted to catch that Pokemon (without that damn critical hit!).

    Can any of those moves you mentioned hit Pokemon while they're flying?
    Yeah, not to mention that 2 out of the 3 starters you can choose are super-effective against rock-types, not that you'd even need those considering a Monferno, or heck, even a pre-evo Chimchar/Charmander/Cyndaquil can whip those into shape easily.

    Also, I may add that Lance gets promoted to being the champion in GSC (so naturally, HGSS would do the same), but his Pokemon, along with Bruno's, magically weaken for some reason, and heck, there's 3 Dragonites in his team, none of which even break the 50-mark in levels. o_0

    I still do think that Emerald and DP should have seriously upped the E4 levels after you beat the Pokemon League and acquire the National Dex, etc. 50-60's-level training just ain't good enough once you Palpark all those legendaries and mega-trained ubers over, dammit.
    Yeah, some of the things that trainers of old said, even in gyms... were just plain stupid.

    Example off the bat is the light-year joke they had in the first RGB/FRLG gym. Freakin' horrible, and to think that in every generation except the second (which was more or less a continuation of Kanto rather than a separate land like Hoenn and Sinnoh), they've had rock types as the first gym... way too redundant, almost as much as... *shudder*

    Water and fighting.
    Yeah, the only good those ever brought would be getting to fight trainers for experience when getting them wrong on purpose, lol.
    Yeah, but I liked it when she was Norman level, lol. Now she's a shitload weaker than the cronies she held control over in the original DP games. !_!
    Yeah, her Platinum team was turned to crap, I recall. Her being weaker than that MMA 8-year old and that guy with Gyarados was pretty ****ed-up.
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