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  • I lost interest in this place after all douche bags on the trade Forum started getting even worse xP

    I only go on here if I'm bored and have nothing better to do xD
    If I think of anything else, I'll post in your thread =) This is all off the top of my head, all my reference books and such are packed right now, and I probably wont get around to unpacking those for another week xD
    ah, found your article. You might want to expand the entree forest section a bit to include the different entree powers. I don't know them all, but hatch power and buying (?) power are really handy. money is easy to get in this game, but 1/2 off vitamins is still nice =)
    sure thing.
    The other thing I was going to mention, was about ditto and smeargle.
    Having a flawless ditto, and a 31/31/31/31/31/0 ditto are really useful. Their natures don't really matter, because you'll probably be using the power item on them anyways.
    Also, having a flawless male smeargle for passing eggmoves is really handy. I find the best way to sketch moves is doing a double battle in the big or small stadium in Nimbasa.
    You need a pokemon with the move you want to sketch in the front of your team, and the Smeargle HOLDING A LAGGING TAIL, in the second space. The lagging tail forces Smeargle to go last, which he needs to do to sketch successfully.
    So have pokemon A use the move you want to sketch, then have smeargle sketch pokemon A.
    Once thats done and smeargle knows the move you want, you finish the battle and go to the move tutor to remember sketch. Then do it all again until you have all the egg moves you need for your BP.
    you probably already know this stuff but just in case:
    when breeding, give an everstone to a parent with the right nature to give 50% chance to pass on the nature
    use a power item the corresponds to a stat you'd like to pass on (like give a parent with 31 attack a power bracer)
    Oh, and Volcarona is great to have in your party. Flame body halves the steps to hatch the egg, and it can learn Fly so you can get around easier
    Well, if you're not caring about hatch locations and you already have all the eggs on hand, the Skyarrow Bridge is nice and long, and I think the middle is free of trainers walking in your path. Route 3 (where the Daycare is) also has a nice long path if you want to be able to keep grabbing eggs from the Daycare. iirc, they both require a bit of attention, just because they end at doorways, so you lose a few seconds in loading screens if you don't turn around in time.
    I know, I'm searching to get a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Stick, and for now I'll just trade 4th gen stuff only by trading saved files.
    Yeah I know, don't know, just for the fun I guess. I've got like, 420+ EV trained Pokémon, but I just know there are a lot more different sets which I don't have yet. Maybe people here have those :p
    I didn't knew either. Just started a thread here yesterday. Haven't done a trade yet lol. Don't think there are enough skilled people around here to get me awesome Pokémon.
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