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  • okay, no problems.
    guess we all have bad days.
    it just annoyed me because i don't usually think in depth about my rates (let's face it 99% of my "rates" are just flames XD) and i thought about yours and then you just threw it back in my face.
    but yeah never mind, if you repost it don't put all the epic fail things, it was so annoying to read XD
    Seriously you're such a ****ing douche bag
    god i actually spend my time trying to rate your pile of **** and then you respond with a load of ******** that makes no sense.
    Honestly how many times did your sorry excuse for a mother drop you on your head?
    ****ing idiot.
    Sorry again, I just don't like for people to post spam. I do like the guide though. I was just concerned for your sake. You're a lot better than MajorGambit(ch).

    (~King, what is with that <-?)
    I don't want to work on it. It's a great guide, but I just don't like people to spam. I never said the guide was bad. Just trying to unclutter the site. Sorry about being so mean. :)
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