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  • Hey :)

    I'm wondering if i'll get to trade with you right now, but the tv may be off soon, so my mom may need this computer....lol
    Thanks! I'd like that a lot! I don't have you FC, though....also i may be running a fever and need to logout in a short while >_<;;; will you be on again anytime soon? i know you weren't online a lot for awhile...
    Mega evolved korrina=most powerful female on earth xD
    ...unless I could mega evolve.


    Yeah! I'd love to battle! I wonder who i should drop off my team for a lucario....named after korrina xD haha.

    She's such a sweetie^^ she helps me feel braver too :)

    Awww i hope you have better luck next time! Driving is a good skill to have, even if walking is better for the envirement xD A lot of places still need cars though...haha.
    Heeeey its been awhile whats up man :3

    I'm still into korrina. As always :3

    I have to try not to get so excited over the holiday coming up...haha >_<;;;

    I made myself sick with excitement earlier >.<;; why do holidays ALWAYS DO THAT TO ME? ahhh....

    I've been thinking of battling people on ultra moon.

    I've been raising a better team than on sun anyways =3
    Thanks... :)

    I'm leaving the computer and maybe looking at a flower book soon. This forum is troubling me due to the drama with that person :/

    I don't think i meant her harm though. But....i did shout a little....

    It wasn't right...
    *sigh* i feel awful...

    Moana said something seriously troubling and i kinda...lashed out at her. It was wrong. I hope i never do stuff like that again....

    I still wish i stopped liking girly things but they seem nice and fun to me :<
    I found my doppelganger sort of on this forum XD

    A new member here who skate's and train's fairy types XD I wonder if her favorite leader is korrina or valerie.

    If its valerie, that would be interesting :p Valerie pretty much mirrors me....all girly and elegant and into cute pokemon......and this person seems to mirror korrina with a thing for fairy types XD Its brilliant.

    Oh and this person is named after a fairy type move :) Her name is geomancy.
    Yeah xD Not a positive word still, but oh well. I should start a chocolate album on my pinterest too maybe xD Or a sweets album. I don't eat a lot of unhealthy sweets but meh they still look appealing visually :p

    Korrina is what keeps my interest in pokemon at large this year XD Even if she's what i'm mostly into a lot of the time. I daydream about her a lot :3
    Yeah xD I was a little iffy about following her cuz she had an album called 'awesome devil deserts', though, but i relise she was most likely reffering to stuff like devils food cake :p I doubt she's really into the devil or anything like that.

    Yeah I heard the new games aren't so great.

    Pokemon still has good new games though :3

    I saw my little pony the movie a few days ago^^ it was good
    I'm probably more of a pokemon fan than a sonic fan overall, but sonic is cool xD

    Yeah, it's a little confusing how many different pokemon albums i have, though xD; Since i can never diside what catagories to put different pokemon images in LOL

    I followed someone on there who pinned a lot of lucario and riolu images on her account :D
    Hi King :)

    I look at korrina images in my korrina album on pinterest now xD

    Want to go play some forum games on my forum?

    Are you a sonic fan? :3
    Yeah I'm happy now thanks I've just finished a driving lesson.

    Korrina does look nice in that image :D

    Lucario looks like he's spotted something off screen xD
    So I hope you've been keeping happy :3

    I watch pokemon in about half an hour.

    I want to get more into video games again today XD
    I'm thinking of having korrina protect me from evil spirits

    I mean if she's real in my heart that sorta makes her real? :)
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