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Recent content by kingboo30

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    Buy Wi-Fi ?

    Bingo. Though wasn't that posted before?
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    Site Returned

    Very well then. It was a welcome change but it was so unexpected with you acting so different when the site is hacked by some dude, and when you were talking 1337 asking for the rules. I was rather suspicous that someone took over your account as were many other people.
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    Site Returned

    They were saying that MUCH of the community here are a bunch of noobs, and generally with my experience here, I have to agree with that with the handfuls of intelligent people here. I don't think the people who hacked the forums should have done what they did, but after reading some of the posts...
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    Sony delays PS3

    They should complain. Have you been hearing the things of the PS3? And the fact that PS3 is supposed to be "Region free", Sony is giving them the shaft and focusing on us americans and shoving their damn Blue-Ray format down our throats claiming that, "5 million people will buy the PS3, even if...
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    anyone think this guy has too many games?

    Those games are not for the kid. The kid is the collectors son obviously. The collector just collects games. Good or bad, NES to Dolphin, (Ha! Good luck finding one of those...)to Xbox. There are quite a bit of people who do this really. The kid or anyone else doesn't have time to go through...
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    Wierd thing on Metroid Prime

    That's a Space pirate log. Since I'm assuming you scanned some logs, then you should know that they give everything a label. Hunter Metroid ds is a specific Hunter Metroid. They use Metroids in experiments. Get the picture?
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    Try using free anti spyware to remove those virus's. It can easily pick up much more virus's than Norton can. If you can't remove them, then you'll probably find a bunch of other things. McAfee sucks balls in the first place as it blocked my internet for a time and lasted so long that it got to...
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    Top Selling Portable Games this century

    I'm pretty sure that Super Mario Brothers 3 for the NES is the best selling game of all time. After all, it sold over 3 million units, and yet it is not on the list at all. I'd say this is BS for now. Pokemon Ruby sold more than Emerald because... 1.)Came out MUCH eariler. 2.)Most would...
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    2 out of 3

    Unfortunately, it's the same for MK:DS, but there are some hackers that hacked some stages into wifi that usually aren't there. Then you have people who disconnect which makes Wifi boring and that the server is none too great. What gets me is why Nintendo didn't get all the stages in wifi for...
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    poll: Metroid Hunters, Are you a scanster?

    Yes, it's interesting to what actually happened to the planet you are on and why it's like that. If you didn't scan anything in MP, you would be VERY confused on everything and MP2s scan logs tell about how the GF fell on Aether, The pirates failed attempt at getting Phazon on aether and their...
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    DS Lite flaw! DS Lite owners read!

    Appearance over quality I suppose. Sony has always been a ****** up company when it comes to fixing things.
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    Top Ten Best-Selling Video Games! All Nintendo Exclusive! (except Tetris, sorta)

    Super Mario Brothers 3 would like to have a word with you. It should be at the TOP....Can I see the source to this list?
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    DS or Advance?

    Hard to decide. GBA can link up with other GBA games AND play all the other previous gameboy games. DS can play DS games and GBA games but not older Gameboy games. Depends on what your looking for. I'd say try to get both but good luck.
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    Recommended RPGs

    Top notch RPGs right here. Fire Emblem is a Tatics RPG. The Mana games are an....action type RPG. Though some of them are not as good as others or are not out yet where you are. Import if you can understand Japanese. I will give out no links for the sheer fact that it is advertising. And why I...