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  • i feel great! thank you! :) lately i have been gathering fruit for the daycare i work at. actually i just volunteer. but i like it there because a smile from a child means alot to me! how are you?
    Hey i think you might have change your coniction from WEP or no password to WPA the DS only works with those two and dont forget to practice cuz it makes perfect thats how i became the fastest typer in house cuz i spend 3 more hours than the rest of my family
    Hey kingdom long time no see i think ill be online more now that i found my psp so how are you?
    well truly despise the nunchuck since is hard for me to focus on both controllers at the sametime,the only game i use nunchuck with is sonic unleashed.i will see if i get on later but ill add u as soon as i can.be sure to add me,fc is in my sig:]
    oh wats up KHE?long time no talk lol,im fine thnx for asking:]yeai like playing wit the wii remote sideways better than gc,didnt know other ppl didnt.but i play just fine actually wit wiimote
    Oh dear, bad habits can be difficult to ditch =S I'm glad i've nevver had any serious ones, but the best of luck to you in banishing yours! ^_^ I have a question about platinum - is it possible to trade national dex pokemon from diamond or pearl onto platinum before you get the national dex? It's just that as soon as i get platinum (which will be soon i hope!) I want to trade a totodile across for my in game team - but is that possible or will I have to use the sinnoh dex pokemon? Don't worry - i always fight every trainer anyway =P And if not, i have at long last completed the national dex on Pearl so i can trade across what i need to fill in the gaps =3 It took me more than a year but it's worth it i think =P
    Hey! I'm fine thanks, I've finally finished school =P Unfortunately i'm going back for two years so i can do my A levels - kind of half good half bad really! Hehe! Still haven't got platinum though - everything has been so hectic recently! How about you?
    As for the inventions i made a drill from a toy car engine and that's about all the excitement you can get here.
    Yeah silver was my favourite pokemon game, and my first to get a pokemon other than my starter to lvl 100 =D Still, i had it before the internet so i never worked out how to get politoed and kingdra in it XD Those two stopped me filling my dex on there! XD I loved all the extra content and really hope that they put the kanto part back into it! If they don't and use the reasoning - there's leaf green and fire red for that! I'll be rather annoyed XD

    Sorry to hear that you have extra work to do over summer =( I hate having to do extra work XD I'm being pulled back for extra physics (my weakest science) for extra lessons before my exam next thursday =( It's going to suck XD
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