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  • Did u beat sepherouph {Whatever the name is} in KH in the hercules world?
    he cut my health in half on the firs hit then killed me with some type of explosion

    by the way do i hit conversation in the past message i gave u to continue the discussion or do i make a new visitor message
    Hey! You're back ^_^ I've been pretty inactive myself recently - exam period is looming so i've been stuck doing revision and the like ¬¬ But that i can finally leave school in two weeks time so yay etc =P but then it's onto sixth form for two years and then a university course so i still have a long way to go XD

    I might reward myself with platinum after the exams are over, though i'm pretty happy theres a G/S remake coming soon! It's rekindled my interest in the games a little more =D How are you anyway?
    Yeah the site is real laggy :/ I've got no one to play it with either which kinda sucks but i dont really have a team for online battles so yeah, until i train one which takes for ever i'll never be able to do anything on the wi fi asides trading XD Anyways message me if you ever decide to start up again, maybe gen 5 will be more interesting and challenging:D
    hey you want tangela still? I've been a little inactive for a while but i can trade any time this weekend for scizor :D
    I missed Saturday :S sorry if you showed up on the wifi and i wasn't there, but i can do tonight or tomorrow if you want to ?
    oh its okay, i've got a trade for a lugia i wanted to get thats kept being put off since like january XD I'm still trying to catch the guy online but its not looking great X3 I'm on a two week break so i'm in a lot, though revising and working a lot of it too :/ so how about saturday and i'll be on anywhere between 7pm GMT time to about 12 midnight/am GMT time? Think you can make that or shall i arrange a different date?
    sure tomorrow sounds good! I have a fairly high level dragonair on leaf green so that shouldn't be a problem :D
    If you could get an adamant male scyther to evo into scizor that woulod be much appreciated :D
    hey hey! I've been real busy this week so i havent had time to message anyone on here recently, only a couple of posts here and there :/ When do you want to trade bold tangela presuming you still want it?
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