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  • I might just get ine off leaf green but i've only just beaten koga on it as i restarted it on holiday last year before i got pearl and before i realised that you could trade from green to pearl X3
    xD it was corsola instead XD not what i was looking for but still, i hadn't seen any on my pearl version before so it was a bonus XD
    Tangrowth seems pretty good actually XD I never thought of using it competetively, i just need to wait for the tangela swarm though so i can get a tangela :S
    Thanks for the advice :D i think i may use an annoyer if things get tough. I was thinking maybe a strong grass type? Wha twould you suggest?
    thanks for the info :D i might drop one special or one physical for a wall like maybe blissey? though i'm not much of a fan of the normal type despite its ghost resistance perhaps good if someone uses a gengar against me XD. Still starmies for certain now :D and i don't know about floatzel. I used one in my ingame team and it didn't fare too well, it was fast but it kept getting beaten as i think it had mainly special moves besides crunch and i don't get STAB from that XD
    Ah my gliscor is Jolly but still it works as a nature for me :D that boosts speed right? But idk what it lowers. ANyways i don't know the exact numbers but gliscor has been highly EV trained in attack, quit e a bit in HP and a few on speed. I need a special attacker now as mamo and Glis are pysical. I think i might use a starmie, but what is a good nature?
    Quite terrible XD i'm probably not gonna use yanmega anymore, he is badly EV trained and his nature is not right for his purpose methinks. Mamoswine is in the 60s now so not to bad, and gliscor is getting int othe low 50s i dunno whether to replace night slash though? cos its got roost, EQ, swords dance and night slash and i thought i shoudl put something more useful in there but what can i put? XD
    how old is he?twelve?!
    that much interest in a pokemon battle??! :DDDDDDDD
    I just play because it's fun.
    and yea. 4:00 sharp.TODAY.
    LOL...when I finally beat him around my 15th try I was at lv.99 and with the ultima weapon and he was still hard for me. Also im too lazy to complete the last three things in Jiminy's journal from twilight town so I still havent got the secret ending in normal.
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