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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • Thank you for the rate. I posted in the RMT what changes I will make and I rewrote some parts, I did read your whole rate twice, I am testing it. Sorry for only four lines of response, you will get more when I am done testing.
    May I have permission to use the rules you wrote at PTK for someplace else so long as you're given credit?
    Remember, Salamence should also be suffering from Sandstorm damage as well as SR and LO recoil.
    lol, how did I forget about Sandstorm? Very unobservant of me, to say the least. I can't believe I missed it! Now I'm mad >_<.
    To answer your question, I'm still here because I like rating teams here. I went to Smogon for a but, but I never really 'broke in' and felt like I knew the people there. For some reason I'm drawn to Serebii.

    I still visit Smogon, I just don't post very often at all.
    Just anytime. As long as it is in the first five pages when I get it, then you can use it.

    And here's the link for the thread.
    Yo. Do you want to join a tourney that I'm organising?

    To get your team, you have to pick a RMT as the team that you use for that round. The RMT would have to be recent (AKA first 1-3 pages).

    There will be 16 people in this tournament. In the first two rounds, you will pick a RMT thread, PM me the link, and this will be your team for the first two rounds. Although if you like you can use a different ream for the second one.

    If you make it to the Semis and finals, you will chose a RMT of the person that you go up against in the match. If your opponent hasn't posted any RMT's you are able to use one of your previous ones from earlier on.

    So that's the details. I would be honoured of you join it.
    Hi there Kingdrom. I was wondering what this Starmie spread does 112 Hp / 196 SAtk / 200 Spe? It's on the CVC analysis but CVC died before you could finish.
    I wasn't going to use Bronzong as a lead, but Alakazam may prove to be as useful as him. Also, I can wait as much as it's needed to for the response to my other question. I'll test Alakazam and tell you how it went.
    Kingdrom, I was wondering if you've done much improvisation with sax. I'm god awful at it and was wondering if you had any advice...

    I'm not actually god awful by the way. I'm just looking for a new direction or some new ideas. Anything really.

    Oh, and how are things?
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