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  • What you studying?
    and yeah that's the reason i'm getting heart gold, Ho-oH and it's ridiculous name ftw!
    competetive brawl is too competetive for me, i like just being able to go on brawl and lol a lot rather than the competetive thing, and i don't like being beaten ;-)
    where can i view your sig?
    you are indeed very lucky to have a blue name, i am in awe ;) lol
    damn it every time i notice i have a message and go to answer you're offline ¬_¬
    damn you.
    and i'm only in year 10, i leave next year....:-| :'(
    i've been going on brawl a lot lately, i'm determined to beat sub space emmissary on impossible, even if i end up breaking 3 gamecube pads XD
    i don't really play pokemon, i just go on the forums to help most of the noobs on CRMT, since i think that section needs all the helpful raters it can get atm.
    i've been writing a ton of songs lately and putting piano chords to it, i WILL become a proffesional singer/songwriter, i'm determind (i've got as much chance as beating sub space on impossible as i have of acheiving that havn't i? lol)
    Platinum's out now btw, it came out friday before last.
    You getting Heart gold or soul silver? i'm getting both bt heart gold will be my main (stupid ****ing name though lol)
    I think I can see why most favor Melee as a more competitive game...
    1. Lag Canceling: It was in the original as well, and it was a nice way to learn to be more advanced, with obvious effects.
    2. No auto-ledge grab: This made edge guarding quite a bit more technical and advanced.
    3. The air-dodge system: Air dodging makes things a bit slower in Brawl, and wavedashing has plenty of implications.
    4. More hitstun: combos are the bread and butter of fighting games for the most part.
    5. Faster gameplay: Melee's matches are much more "intense," so to speak, than Brawl's. And shorter.
    6. Momentum (running): makes much more sense, and allows you to hit people that are farther out.

    Oh read the messages in reverse order.
    My positions on all of them?
    1. I prefer autocanceling (as in Ganondorf's Dair), makes things a bit more tricky and you have to space your aerials. The fact that Lag Canceling was in the first game though is kind of convincing, though...
    2. I kind of prefer Brawl's system, but the distances at which you can grab the ledge are ridiculous sometimes. Make it a bit shorter (like half of the length), and I'd be happy.
    3. I'd prefer a bit more direction than Brawl offers, but maybe not as much as Melee's. Maybe only one airdodge before landing, but no fallspecial.
    4. Maybe a bit more hitstun would be nice in Brawl, but not as much as in Melee. I hate not being able to do a thing. I think Training mode has a bit more than normal in Brawl...
    5. I think this has to do with the physics, and I dunno.
    6. This would be nice I guess.

    Oh and tripping sucks regardless.

    If you want to Brawl, I'm up for some.
    And I'll have to battle you (Pokémon) sometime in the future.
    I came here for no reason, and managed to reach 777 posts before making this account and realizing how boring the forum is - the Brawl thread getting closed pretty much ruined it for me.

    It was actually that thread that got me to join Smash World, since some of the members here have an account there.

    That's just.....pathetic.

    Who knows what will happen if they do meet her :X
    Good luck with that. How many infractions do you have, might I ask?
    SPPF's staff is notorious around the Pokemon community for enforcing their rules, but I guess that's coming from those who haven't joined a Brawl forum XD

    Out of curiosity, but what brought you here?
    Me too, which is why I moved on to PC - I'm more of a lurker in SMF, for the most part.
    I try to be decent, but it's pretty hard when several of the members here are arrogant.
    Honestly didn't think you would have an account here.
    It's Commander Blizzard, the one who participated in that one tournament hosted by Chaco....who lost to that one guy.
    Well, at least you're not one of those people who are determined to make Melee completely override Brawl lol. I haven't played Melee in a while, but it was fun when I did. I never got into the technical side of it, but I loved playing regardless. I almost always lost to a friend of mine and his brother, though, but that may have had something to do with the fact that they played Fox and Marth respectively, while I played Mr. Game & Watch. I still do in Brawl, as a matter of fact.

    No Smashboards account, but I have been browsing there.
    And you can't play competitive Smash on wifi anyway.
    That depends somewhat on the lag. It's never as good as direct games, but it's still pretty fun ususally.

    Anyway, I think Melee is more of a technical game, whereas Brawl's just more about plain ability. You need both to be really good at any Smash game, though.
    I guess you're a technical guy!
    Still, that kind of takes the fun out of playing, at least for me.
    And, I really am not exaggerating when I say I don't have time to do that stuff, nor the internet. My net sucks lol.
    My net sucks tho.
    Plus, I don't have time to do that.
    And, doing something competitively is so boringggg.
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