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  • Name: Dew
    Personality: No, longer timid as an Oshawott, Dew always had been. He has a good heart and cares for his friends especially his sister Morgan. Dew is smart, and is a good fighter. He is sometimes quiet and sometimes have a bit of a temper, especially if anyone weak is getting picked on.
    Pokemon (please put the sprite): :502:
    Age/Grade: 17/Junior
    Clique: Jock
    Other: His real name is Steven. Not that he has a problem with it, he likes being called by his middle name Dew for it's fitting for a water type
    i have a plot idea for pokemon high. toby, having recived a shiny stone, talks with misha and henry about evolving. they dusscus wether he should or not but eventuly tomas steals it. and ill leave the rest to you :)
    *sigh* i can't play your game. i'm not on when it is played, i joined late, and i have no idea what is going on. sorry, but i'm going to quit the game. sorry for the inconvenience...
    ummm, i hope i'm doing this right... this is the first RPG i've ever attempted, so i might not get it, so if i'm doing something wrong, let me know please...
    I was part of the current secret story, Poketown, and Slender's woods. (Although the last one didn't last very long).
    hi. i thought your new game looked very interesting, but i'm wondering how active i have to be, because i'm not sure of the next time i'll be on...
    Well I made this awesome new friend, he's a guy and he's super sweet and super cute and I can't handle him sometimes ugh. He comes over to my house and we listen to our dumb music and watch our dumb TV shows, or sometimes I go to his and we do the same. I like him a lot but he's not looking for a relationship until college, and at this point neither am I.

    Yeah that's the gist. It would be rad if I knew where you guys hung out now so I could come chat aa
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