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  • No one knows if the weather trio is locked for sure but the assumption is that they probably are. I've seen a picture of someone with a shiny latios that's from ORAS but I haven't seen any videos yet so I'd mark the lati duo as a hesitant maybe for now, though I'm not sure why they'd be locked if most of the other legendaries aren't.
    Hi there, Kingzard!

    Congratulations on the Cyndaquil. I love his name. Awesome job!

    Thanks for the kind words, too, and yeah, my luck has been pretty incredible lately. All those glowing pigs, Metang, shiny Legends from all over. I find it all really hard to believe sometimes, but I do know I put in the effort, too. I'm not saying others don't, just talking about myself, if that makes sense!

    Anyway, good luck with your next hunts!
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