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  • But he looks so cool!!

    It IS ugly but it grows on you D: It reminds me of my own cats xDDD

    Poor, poor Glaceon...

    I like Jirachi though xD It and Mew are so adorable! (and Shaymin too!)
    I don't think they ruined Scyther, but I do think they ruined the other pokemon you mentioned! They made them so ugly >< It was just so unneeded :(

    Persian is cool, but what about the other cats? Right now I can think of Purugly and Delcatty o_O And hey, Mew is a cat! xD

    And Glaceon? :p
    Heracross and Scyther (actually Scizor) are very popular pokemon in competitive battling o_O;;

    No love for Umbreon..? :p

    And I wanted to say I love your icon o.o

    I wanted to say that since I first saw it C:
    Which Eeveelution is your favorite? I can't help but favoring Umbreon xD I really like Glaceon and Leafeon too ^^

    If you had to replace Butterfree with a pokemon, which would you choose?
    Make sure you get growth fertilizer! It works well (and cuts the growing time) but the soil seems to get dry faster...

    That sounds about right, it took me a long time to grow a Shuca berry =___=;;

    I'd be wary of Butterfree. From personal experience it's a horrible pokemon >___>;; Even at Lv70 it was useless IN GAME. Never mind competitive battling xD;;; I really like the Eeveelutions though! Umbreon FTW!

    I like to use my favorites, regardless of whether people like them or not ^^
    Haven't all religious people? xDD;

    Use the growth fertilizer it seriously speeds things up o.o Well I have a lot of those EV reducing berries if you want some more.

    I haven't come anywhere, lol! It's still only a thought :p I'm really particular on everything so I won't start breeding until I have it all thought it. I want to raise at least twelve and I want them to be strategically linked in more than one way ;D I do have an idea of some of the pokemon that I'll be raising though ^^

    What tier is your team? Or do you like Ubers?
    Sorry about abruptly leaving like that, my father was calling me to dinner. Then he needed me to do stuff...

    Actually, you're farther than me. You've already got your team ready and you're picking final moves, I have yet to do any of that xD Those EV reducing berries are MAGIC ;D

    You're very, very welcome (I guess this proves not all Muslims are bad... xDD)

    If you ever need anything just VM me or PM me and I'll see what I can do :)
    Naw, I think it was me xD This has been happening every now and then >__>;;

    Umm, well I'd like to. But I have yet to work on my team. I'm still working out who I'm going to have, and what moves and if I can breed egg moves on them and I want to breed the best nature @___@;;

    What a mouthful, lol :p

    What about you?
    hey i forgot to breed the poochyena with run away(becomes intimidate). I you want I still have the parents so I can breed it again for run away? Do you want wait??
    seriously. just give a bunch of trash pokes. i just like breeding. i have way too many shinies and events. i really don't want anymore. see you in wifi
    i can't breed shinies yet (too little time to sit there & work it out) but i can breed the other 3 for egg moves / natures / etc

    poochyena can't have intimidate ability (run away or quick feet only) so i'm assuming run away would be the better one & give a higher chance of intimidate upon evolution
    ok. i haven't been able to get started till today. Since I run a shop on neoseeker.com and I had a couple of other requests before yours. But I am working on yours right now and I'll be ready to trade you tomorrow. What time is it right now for you? That way I can tell what time we can trade tomorrow.
    i'm breeding 2 pokemon at the moment but i may be able to help - i've got all breedable pokemon scattered between diamond/platinum so fire away dude i should be able to help - i don't do IV breeding though - way too hardcore for me! (i'm logging off now so don't think i'm not replying - just gotta get some sleep...)
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