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  • just realised mine was lvl50 anyway (oh dear) may be worth editing your post before others bug you :p

    any other pokemon you need?
    Hiya, I'm looking for a 100% legit Entei and Suicune, both at lvl 40. ^^ No shinies or anything..! Please help ! =[

    I can't offer a lot, but this is what I have that don't need cloning.. if you can clone for me I can offer some other stuff too =] VBut I'll need the original sent back to me!


    Groudon lvl 76
    Rayquaza lvl 70
    Phione lvl 1
    Ho-Oh 10ANNIV lvl 70
    Shiny Swablu lvl 17

    Yes...I'm desperate, I've spent several hours looking for these guys! -_-'
    i've got a lvl40 entei from leafgreen no EV's or exp just banged a couple of TM's on it... what gender is the shiny swablu? can you nickname it?

    i've got a suicune from the GTS that i can trade you / trade back for ho-oh so we both get the 'dex entries too if you want? you can hunt for a suicune on the GTS then
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