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  • Happy Holidays to (Insert your name here) hope that you have a fantastic one and great luck though out the New Year.

    Know that I’m always here for you all when and need be.

    PS: In the movie Hook Tinkerbell took Peter to Neverland when he was just a baby. So how did he age to be a boy if you are not supposed to age there?

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    Long time no see! Guess what, I was a closet bisexual. Surprise surprise. Ah well, at least there I a guy I know of who has a crush on me who doesn't know that I know he does and he works at Subway. I plan on talking to him soon. Wish me luck.
    That’s great to hear. Do you have any ideas what you’d like to do with music yet? I’ve been good thanks :) Just waiting for summer to start.

    Happy Birthday.

    Happy Holidays Ethan

    Sorry if I sent a message to you or anything last night. I had a few too many and was planning on sending messages to all the people on here that I love. I don’t know if I ended up doing it in the end.

    That’s good to hear man that you’re going to get a good degree. What to plan to do with music? What’s your new part time job? I remember you worked at the diner for a while but the manger was raciest.

    I’m finishing up my last year of high school (started a year later) from there I’m going to go to an applied technology center and get a basic degree in film for a year, while getting a medical degree to sterilize the tools doctors use. It pays $15 an hour here full benefits along with I make my own hours. So when I got to California in a year or two to get my masters in film. I’ll make good money because down there you get paid a lot more.

    I’ve also been working on the Obama campaign for Utah. We have a chance at being a blue state this year.

    you know what, charizard isn't overrated. Well, it kinda is. Pikachu kinda is too. But you can't say anything about rukario/lucario.
    Hey I was just listening to some Gwen Stefani and vaguely remembered some SPPf liking her in the past. If I recall correctly, it was you! Right?
    Today makes three years I‘ve been here. I’ve been through a lot of changes since then. I turned from one of the top five n00bs to someone that is remotely decent.

    I never thought I’d meet people on here I care about is much as you guys.

    I love you all.

    I'm not saying where I'm going for security reasons. :/ Nothing against you, Ethan. It's just that I'm paranoid like that.

    But anyways, I'm sure things will pick up for you, and if they don't, that's not necessarily a bad thing. lol
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