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  • Hi. I need to ask about something regarding the annoucement in the Alternave Shipping Section. What exactly did you mean by "Maintaining the first post" and "Maintaining whatever happens in the Thread"? If you could answer these as soon as you can, that'd be great. Thanks ^_^
    Uh, one more thing, if I didn't state this already: Some on this forum may have thought that I was being repetitive in the past, but upon reflection, I realize that it was a risk I was willing to take in pursuit of communicating the firmness behind my overall interests.
    Perhaps you and others among the shipping fandom have your own opinions about political events, and that’s fine. I don’t know about you, but I would see nothing wrong with making those opinions known, if to sharpen our minds about this world a bit. I may agree or disagree with some of those opinions, but I wouldn’t deny that you hold them. I’ll be alternating between the Debate area and the Pearlshipping thread, so that if you wish to respond to these thoughts of mine, then you’ll know where to find me.
    Greetings, Kiori. No need to worry. It's only me, the political junkie among the Pearlshippers. You might have already seen my signature, and I will stand by it even now. You may ask me to explain my interests even further if you wish. Of course, you might end up opining that my overall interests are different from those of the other Pearlshippers, and if you do so, then I will assure you that you're not alone. To be as straightforward as I can – given the nature of this message – if I didn’t sincerely believe what I believe regarding Pearlshipping and politics, then I wouldn’t even be on the Serebii Forums attempting to explain it.
    heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy :3

    Congrats on your added section >>

    I bet two months until you go insane from the noobs.
    Kiori: Newbie Lounge
    The screams of a thousand crying idiots can be heard in the distance

    Congrats Ki :D
    I've been ill for a couple of weeks now, I am exhausted because of my mocks which preceeded and I'm getting even more tired due to school being really demanding and little sleep. Good thing is, I haven't collapsed yet, and my I'm doing great at school. Hope I won't faint or something.
    Oh, you didn't have to do that. I don't overtly enjoy Misty threads either. I just didn't want people, myself included, to get a "Replying to Spam" infraction.
    Also to the people who whines about threads/people that does this, grow up. Use your common sense and just report it to the damn mod instead of trolling the place.
    I think (hope?) people did that, but Chelc did leave the thread open and let the discussion continue as seen here.

    You can't really blame people for posting when a mod says "Yanno, I think I'm going to leave this open."
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