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  • Could you lock that Pro-Apu thread? It's getting toxic, with hatemongerers like HotDiggetyDemon being brought up, and the pejorative "SJW", used by far-right, Nazis and other hate groups to dismiss people's concerns as a conspiracy against things they like being criticized, showing up. It's getting super toxic in there..
    With the forum upgrade imminent, how will the name change thread work? Will it be off while the site adjusts, or will it open for business as usual?
    Thank you! The birthday was a good one. Sorry this reply is late, haven't really been browsing the forums as much lately.
    Oh my lord I'm going to be a joke name for two years. Welp, shoulda thought that one through lol
    I'm noticing this late, but what is it that compelled you to once again become an administrator? :p
    Congratulations though. :)
    I was thinking the same thing. I'm surprised they didn't get restocked. One day I was at the store, and I saw a Meta Knight in stock. Well, it wasn't the Smash Bros version lol. I got my hopes up lol. However, I still bought the Kirby version. I can tell by your username you're obviously a Kirby fan. The Kirby games are amazing. I agree. I prefer the Smash Bros Kirby amiibos more. King DeDe and Meta Knight have such nice detail.
    Yeah, scalpers suck. They're what's stopping me from completing the rest of my collection, but I might just have to bite the bullet if I want them. I'm not sure yet :/ I'm still holding out hope to see these in stores, but I probably never will. I had a chance to preorder Meta Knight, but that fell through. That's my biggest amiibo regret right there.
    Yeah, a lot of them are still sooooo rare. Scalpers are annoying. :/ Actually, it turns out that I only need 5 more not 7. I still need King DeDe, Wii Fit Trainer, Rosalina, Meta Knight and Palutena. I can't wait for the Cloud amiibo to come out in July. Lately I've been collecting tons of Pokémon merchandise. Pokemon Cards and plushies are some of my favorites.
    I made a couple lol. They are great lol. By the why do you still collect amiibo? I only need 7 more amiibo from the Smash Bros line.
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