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  • My brother said she won't let me use it :/ I may have a blingee of him, though.

    My mom needed the puter so i had to get off for awhile. sorry.

    I'm over stimulated so i may just look at some korrina images for a short while XD and maybe other cute images too^^
    I think I do, i'm just not sure how to use it or if my mom will let me use it :p I'll have to ask her about it.

    I do want you to see simba, though :D He's adorable
    Awwww that sounds adorable :3 I remember eating lolipops as a kid XD Now the only candy i eat is nutrition bars, and we try to make sure we always have a lot of them :3 most are chocolate flavored too^^

    I would, but i have no digital camera i can use or something? o.o
    What kind of outfit is the plushie wearing? :3 Hello Kitty is known for so many different looks XD

    My dog makes the cutest faces when i'm with him :3 i may walk him in a short while, i need a break from the net lol

    He like makes his eyes all wide and big XD
    Yay! A fellow Hello Kitty fan! *slap's ya a high five :D* Do you own any plushies of her? I have several of them^^ One's a clip on that i have on my pink bag :)

    My dog is 10. He still has a lot of energy, i think he's gonna live a long time :D
    Oh, okay :3 I guess we have other things in common at least XD Cute things do mean a lot to me too :3

    Are you a hello kitty/sanrio fan? :3

    By the way i really like dogs too and have one as a pet, myself :D His name is simba and he's a shiba inu^^
    I used to watch the anime so i might be able to follow it :3

    I'm listening to sonic heroes music right now

    I have a forum about korrina i could invite you to it sometime if you like :3
    I like most cute pokemon, if not all of them :3 I also like lucario a lot 'cuz korrina use's him and is close friends with him. And Korrina is my favorite pokemon character! *hug's her* (i haz a crush on her too lol)

    Awww, thanks for showing me that! :3 i will love to look at your kirbies^^ i used to play kirby games a lot in 2008.
    OMG! You're a fan of Kirby and Pichu?? ME TOO!!! :D I love those two! We gotta be friends and talk cute things sometime XD
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