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  • Well then, my attempt to creep you out is useless.

    Y, def. I'm banking on Ash going back to Johto to face the new Frontier Brains there, just like with the Hoenn BF in Kanto. Ha.
    Nodame Cantabile would be a good choice also. Slight crazy fun-loving girl goes for perfectionist boy, but there is fine music added in to boot because both of the persons in question are music majors. I'm not very good at describing things, but just check it out if you get the chance. :>
    Hey, thanks for posting this! I've been looking for a good music-related anime, and this, so far, is the best I've seen. Thanks again!
    Obviously. MB x Duke = SexyBackshipping btw. |DDD Cuz we all know how sexy their backs are! ;) And nobody has, they totally understand. :DDD

    You could always read online too if the library isn't stocking all them volumes. :eek: But yes, do eet. Because I have a thing for Sanosuke from that series. X3
    LOL someone has spotted the truth. But I like MB's alterations to my sig so it's alright. |D Duke even got to have his own theme song lyrics plonked.

    Also I saw your post - YES READ THE KENSHIN MANGA. IT'S BETTER THAN THE ANIME. And I love Sanosuke like akdsjag;lkdfjlgksfh;g <3333333333333333
    I didn't appreciate the whole JUMP TO THE FUTURE, aspect :(

    I oughta read it more, but I can't get past it X___x

    Maybe I'll watch the anime. That could liven it up =D
    Hey, another Reborn fan!

    I loved the series to peices, but stopped reading the manga after the Gurdian Battles ;_;
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