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  • I've noticed some. I think the lastest being when Dento lost the battle with his amazing shocked face Iris actually looked SAD for him. There really haven't been too much in these episodes though. ^^; Yeah I saw the movie, I found one subbed in Spanish...but I couldn't understand it anyways. xDD At least I could hear MamoMiya voice Dento in it XD

    There's also Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2. I kind of wish Ranger/PMD too ;-; I wanna see Unova Pokemon in there >.<;
    LOL!! Yeah I remember learning about stuff like that in my literature class...Also when you look at a periodic table of elements dex holders are crawling all over. XD

    Oh really? Thanks ^^ I really liked yours too. :3 Granted, I don't know how much I follow that analysis coz most of the time I don't even think like that about these two ^^; they are my favorite characters, and I enjoy thinking about them together. It's just so cute to me...though when I'm in a "deep mood" I can think of them that way. Can I just say I'm all over the place with this? XDDD

    Yeah I remember that...weird. I'm not watching any but I want to, it's just hard to find time. ^^; I think I am...so far I'm getting A's and B's. Aw that's too bad....sometimes Second Semester classes are a bit easier....XD My composition class is at least.

    Ok see ya~ :D
    Oh it's ok. I would have gotten back to this earlier myself, but I've just been too sleepy. Oddly I feel depressed this week...not sure why. D=
    It's good that you've gotten them all back ^^ No, I never watched Digimon when I was little. I saw a couple of episodes when I watched it at a friend's house though.
    Yeah there are a lot out.It makes me happy to see this ship be popular (I did a count of fanart on pixiv) and for hetero ships, Wishful has the most Japanese fanart on Pixiv. It even beats Pokeshipping and Contestshipping o.o; though, I imagine some of the older art could have been removed. LOL! Same here. I remember I only had one class on V-Day, so I was happy I could spend most of my day looking at fanart.

    Yeah I am too. I don't even watch it anymore. XDD YES IT IS!!! X3 It's sooo cute. Dento...there's Purrloin around you >:p
    Happy New Year to you too! ^^ Aww really that's terrible! D= Did you have a virus/malware or something? :< That happened to me once...and I lost a lot of data..I don't think I lost it all though. At least you still have those pics on Photobucket! ^^ Yeah...and then just in case you should save it on a flash drive if you have one. :)

    Haha yeah I remember that episode. XDD I've seen Ash dressed as a maid with Paul once, as well as a CafeMocha picture. XDDDD Yeah I agree...or at least the opening sequence. Good to know that a new ending with Dento is airing tomorrow....I can't wait. :3 Too bad he's not singing ;_;
    I agree, that episode was SOOO cute!!! I love how they love each other!!! X333 I did notice a few Wishful moments....she seemed to respect Dento a bit more I think. :3 Plus she got along well with Pod. XD I love all of the brothers...I hope they'll come back again.
    I don't think it was...but then again the dub actually got RID of some Pokeshipping hints too :/ I don't think the Harley quote changed.

    Omg! That's awesome, great job. ^^ Yeah same here, they are adorable. :3 Yeah it is, I can't delete my mainstream unless my Pokemon are in another game o.o

    Well in the beginning I'd say he was, or more of "he appeared to be" but really he isn't. I agree with that, I think he likes everybody...he just seems distant but he's not. I think he was a bit shy around Red if I remember. Oh! I remember that scene, I own the book. xD Yeah that was what happened lol.
    Someone who doesn't like cute things I guess :p

    XDD Yeah it was confusing lol. Yeah I was sad too, though I like to think that the weight/top whatever it was would have stopped spinning...but they stopped it to leave the suspense.
    I remember that!! D= I felt so bad for him. He might be sort of cold, but he's actually a good guy. That's why I liked him a lot more than Paul ^^; he just wanted to live a happy life like Gold did :( it was so sad. It's almost over, but it's not in volumes just yet. UGH. I know, I'm sick of Misty fans too >.> She might, I don't care if she does or doesn't as long as it's a good episode :3
    Lol yeah he does, that's why he's perfect for Dento's voice X333

    Yeah they are. So just like there are "Tree Frogs" or "Bullfrogs" etc. they are both frogs, but they are still different species. Lilligant are really pretty X33 My favorite Pokemon is Leafeon. There's several others that I like too though (Lucario, Buizel, Mew, Pichu, ugh I could go on xD)
    LOL That makes the movie funny...just because of Piplup's pain.

    Ooh! You should watch Inception, it's a good movie. Just make sure you follow it closely XDD; It's one of those confusing movies.
    *nods* I agree, I try to reply to everyone as well. If I just can't think of anything to say, I just don't and let it be ^^; LOL So it'd be Gary x Satoko? That's pretty funny. Yeah I did xD I AGREE. I'm sick of this opening, I don't even watch it anymore. I know! :< It was part of the plot though ^^; it's a shame, but yeah I loved the beginning :3 also the end at where they were just wondering if the shot was real or not. Baah!! I love Deerling after this episode X33 They are just so cute!!
    I think Harley was. He also said "If you're annoying boyfriend here kept his trap shut I would have won"

    XDD Really? I've never played Crystal. Good luck ^^ Espeon are really cute. xDDD That's good. Now I want to play the first one again, but I don't want to get rid of my lv. 86 Pidgey that took me forever to recruit.
    Yeah same here ^^; she reminds me a lot of Sapphire from Pokemon Special and that's what I like about her XD True about Misty ^^; I still find her cool though because she was cool when I was growing up. I'm not like "OMG MISTY!!! <333" or anything lol. OMG I can't wait for the Dento vs. Pod episode X333 if this is how he gets development this is definitely something new! I really hope he does it this episode XD
    XD Mamoru Miyano I think is my favorite va. He does such a great job and he seems to be a pretty happy, bubbly guy in real life :3

    Yeah XD Drew always got some of the coolest Pokemon. I agree, the worst I can think of is Loudred O.O I hate it when people say that there are "too many Pokemon" I really don't agree. I think they can keep going. I mean do people ever say there are "too many animals?" I like how they have to be more creative now for the Pokemon. I like Oshawott, but I think the anime pushes him a bit ^^; but he's definitely NO WHERE as bad as Piplup DX that thing gave me a headache.

    ^^ That's good! I hope you have a nice break :3 o.o A cinema class? That's interesting. You should try and analyze the movie Luke made in Pokemon for lulz XD
    XDD You don't have to reply to every post lol. That's really cool! I've seen some people have some problems against Wishful :x but they never go into it. I see ^^; I'm really not much into Ash ships quite honestly. I just..yeah Ash just seems too oblivious for love ^^; Hehe...I skipped past the Negai parts ^^; just because I normally skip over parts for Dento I guess I can see why people could like it, I sometimes think Iris's hair makes her seem huge compared to him. It could be that I'm not used to seeing it though ^^; I agree! I'd love to have Dento and Iris hang out like that X3 though I can't really picture Dento into sports XD but I could see him rather take her to a fancy restaurant or something :3

    I could honestly see this trio trusting Meowth again XDD It makes me think of how May would trust Harley o.o Really? I hope so :3

    Lol I have Black so that's mostly all I can listen too. I couldn't help it, I loved Reshiram XDD but I searched up White's music for it X3 Oh! I also really like the village bridge music! I'm not sure where I'd live. I like a lot of music Route 29. 1 to annoy my friend 2. because it's happy and cheerful xD Aw! Rendshipping is adorable :3 I never knew its name until now though XDD I love the scene where Grovyle holds Celebi in the morning sun X3 Hehe I restarted my Time game because I wanted to see if I could answer the questions as Dento would XD (I was arguing with one of my friends on here and joking how Dento would answer questions about himself....so yeah that inspired me xD) but now I want to start a comic series. One part of it is Dento (himself) going through and playing the game, and the other part is him as the Pokemon and his partner is a Chikorita named "Airisu" XDD yeah I know this is weird xD but if I can stick with it I'd be happy :3
    XDDD Yeah I understand that. I remember when I was absent for 5-6 days I felt really lost as well XDD (gosh I hang out too much on here and on that thread XDD I find it rather embarrassing how much a post. I just like talking I guess xD) I'm happy to see it active as well.

    Yeah I hope Meowth did. It'd be interesting if that came back to haunt him sometime. LIke if he actually gets fired or something. XDD I giggled at that as well. It makes me wonder what would happen if Cliff caught him or something XD Um I'm not sure, sorry :<

    Yeah same here. I love White's Opelucid City music!! It's so pretty X333 Lol I have many songs downloaded on my computer from the anime. I just love it <3 they are simply gorgeous. Awww!! The song I almost always cry to is "Grovyle's Sacrifice" that one always brings tears to my eyes. Even though Grovyle lives in the end, the characters never know it :( XDD I think I took a test like that as well I scored pretty high too XD

    Well in the beginning Iris was just sort of...I dont' know there. I didn't care too much ^^; but now I'm beginning to like her character more, but really it's always the comic relief characters who'll be my favorite in the long run ^^; I like her development episodes they are always nice (I just wish Dento would get some awesome development sometime) XDD Mamoru Miyano has an epic voice. One of the best I've heard on Pokemon for a main character (as for when passionate scenes are needed, freak out scenes etc. he's just really good xD)
    D= Aww that happened to my Silver version. I don't know why that happened to Emerald though =/ Yeah same here. I loved the 3G Pokemon. They were very colorful. black and whites seems a little...dull? They are cool looking though XD

    :( Yeah I know. That's the same with me. They want us to learn SO MUCH at the same time DXXX
    Oh it's fine, I understand ^^
    :( Meowth should have stayed with them the jerk xD I still like Meowth though. I just wish he actually had feelings for the twerps...
    Yeah they did have pretty good characters. Only I grew bored of it ^^; I didn't mind Kenny or Ursula (I didn't really count Jessie ^^;) but I didn't like Zoey too much. I thought she was too nice to Dawn. I liked her better in the first episode where she just seemed calm and cool.
    Yeah. Well Franticshipping goes with the manga anyways. I love Contestshipping :3 I wish we would get tidbits from time to time.
    Yeah it is. It's touching and cute and that's what I like about those games :3 OH GOSH YES!!! I love Pokemon music, and I love how in MD's they gave the Sky Jukebox for one of the features X33
    No there isn't. I had Emerald but my game was like...hacked/glitched or something and it'd delete itself :< so I just count it as not playing it because I never made it too far into the Frontier until it'd delete. Platinum is really nice ^^ I hope so. (Haha almost everyone calls it Pokemon Grey. Watch it be like Pokemon Prism or something XD)

    XDD Travelng would be so much fun! :D
    I can't either. o.o; I have a lot of things coming up in Oct.
    Yeah :( I wish he wasn't though. Meh maybe he'll feel bad for it later ^^;
    I know I miss Barry a lot D= probably one of the characters who I miss the most :(
    XDD IKR? Contestshipping was pretty much canon despite what people say. I wish they'd give us insight on how May and Drew are both doing D=
    XDDD Yes that was hilarious. I wanted Barry to run into PUal and to dust him off when he discovered who he was X33
    PMD can be considered sappy I guess...but it's just too touching really X333 I love it too much to not like it. Yeah it doesn't interest me either. It's something about PokePark 2 or something. I"m not even sure if that came out in english o_O (PokePark 1 I mean) I only played Ruby and Sapphire. Not Emerald. Many people like it though.

    Wow! That's still cool though. I'd like to go to Australia too :)
    Yeah I know what you mean. I hope it can change them too, but somehow I think Meowth was tricking the twerps. I hope not :(
    Paul was pretty cool xDDD Oh gawd...I miss Drew too ;_; I wish they'd give him a special episode >.> Omg....yeah I'll admit I liked ColdCoffeeshipping as well. I mean it was hilarious and the name was awfully catchy xD I know most people do, but I'm not one of them I guess ^^;
    Yeah same here. I mean instead of like a partner dying (even though that'd be sad as well) it's yourself disappearing and your partner feeling sad ;_; you can't help but cry. Yeah I've heard about that. I hope it'll be Grey/Hoenn remakes etc. Oh gawd IKR? I really hope they aren't :(

    Really? Well there's never snow here >.> I wish there was. I've traveled to Canada but that's about it ^^; I've always wanted to go to Europe or Australia. I try not to procrastinate....
    Yeah I know :( it makes me feel sad as well. It's interesting to see this actual competent side of them,but at the same time it's really weird and kind of sad.
    XDD That's awesome. I love drawing PokeSpe characters ^.^ My favorite characters in the anime are Dento, Barry, Iris, Ash and May/Max :3 who are yours?
    Ooh I see xDDD Eh I just stuck with it :p
    OMG I was soo sad in Time when I thought Grovyle died T_T but he didn't :DD Yeah same here. I'd have never guessed it was the old people o.o

    Omg...that's sound really beautiful *.* Here it's really sunny and pretty, but it gets busy once in while because of the tourists ^^; Yeah....I'm just happy we still have time to think ^^
    Eh I don't think the ratings are really that important ^^; but I looked at all of Writerdragon's works, and she had the warnings on each one of them. Most of them didn't have anything, but Blanket of Shadows almost had everything O.O; Yeah I love Team Rocket :< part of me wishes they didn't change so much in BW ^^; I kind of miss them physically blasting off every episode.
    Gold is awesome!! :D Yeah same here. I like all those characters (but add in Diamond and Emerald) xDD I think I like all the characters in Pokemon Special, only I like some more than others ^^;
    Yeah same here. I'm still playing Black xD; I don't like to replay my games ^^;
    Yeah it is. I think I liked Sky. For Ranger, it's a tie between 2 and 3 of which I like xDD I love them both :3

    Yeah many do ^^; ooh France? That's nice ^^ (is it pretty there?) Yeah I'm not sure what I want to do either ^^;
    Yes she did. You should try it but it's........really weird (addictive but I feel the rating should be up a bit more on that one ^^;) It's not spooky...but I'd definitely call it creepy XDD (that's just me though) Yeah IKR? I always thought Jessie and James were together/should be XDD
    Oh I didn't know that XDDD; woops~ Yush they are x3 Gold and Silver are my favorite characters xDD
    ...I can't remember their names either. I should totally replay that game now xDDD Yeah same here. I love Mystery Dungeon X3

    I live in Florida (US). Well it's always good to study something you're interested in ^^
    ...Oh! Was that by Writerdragon? I believe it is, they are REALLY good xDD I've been reading Blanket of Shadows right now. I like it, but it's......REALLY creepy o.o;
    I like Rocketshipping too but it's one of the ships I tend to forget about xDD
    XD I'm not much into yaoi but I do like PreciousMetal too :3
    I like KeithxKate in Ranger (Shadows of Almia) I also like Lunick x Solana ^^

    I see, yeah most of my Pokefans live up north, but I still see them every summer ^^ Ooh nice! ^^
    Yeah I hear you. Out of the Wishful fanfics I've read I liked a lot of them. I'm not sure if they could be entirely in character but it's believable ^^ Yes it did :D For Pokemon anime (besides Wishful) I support: Pokeshipping, Contestshipping and Ikari/Twinleafshipping. For Pokemon Special I support: Specialshipping, Franticshipping, Mangaquestshipping, Viridianshipping, Commonershipping and Fatherlyshipping. For the games I support Ferriswheel, Fatherly and SoulsilverShipping (and Wishful in game has been growing on me too because I noticed that they are still like opposites XDD)

    I know a few Pokefans irl...I'm studying in Biology :3
    Ah I see. I write some fanfiction, not much though. I prefer to draw, but I'm still not very good XD; Yeah there are. The funniest thing is there's barely any canon shippings :< I wish there were more.
    Yeah fans ARE everywhere ^^ Oh wow, you're starting college soon? I already started. I'm sure you'll do fine ^^
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