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  • Yeah I know =/ I try to draw some shippy pictures but I can never do digital art. I don't have the right software for that xDDD Yeah that's the hard part of it =/ I'm happy that there's a huge fanbase already for it ^^
    For the Wishful thread? For what I know it seems to be ages 10-19 right now. I don't know everyone's ages so it's just a guess ^^; I can't believe I'm 18 already o.o;
    XDD I do use Pixiv a lot actually. I have an account. I just meant I was able to find some different ones via google ^^; I check Pixiv frequently. But I'm positive there are more Wishful fanart crawling around (like that one ZealousZombie found under Best Wishes and Graffiti XD) It might. I hope Wishful becomes one of those popular ships XDD (wow we are almost the same age XDD We were born in the same year :D)
    XDD Yeah it is :D I normally sometimes google search the kanji's for DenAi and I find a lot of cute art ^^ You might have found it already though xDD
    Haha it's my current obsession as well ^^ Yeah IKR? Then you don't know where to find them/start looking -_-; but it's good to start collecting them as they appear. It makes things easier xD
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