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Last Activity:
Jun 25, 2020
Sep 26, 2006
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Camp Stargazer

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Completing The Trio, from Camp Stargazer

kirkeastment was last seen:
Jun 25, 2020
    1. ArcanineRaichu77
      Hey, you might remember me as RaichuArcanine here :) how's it going?
    2. Cyberra
      Figured as much. Guess I'll be harassing anything on route 4/paniola ranch that gives attack EVs for a while. Too bad tauros are so freaking rare... I will be able to send back the magnemite, magikarp, and jangmo-o I plan on breeding for training, though, so there's that.
    3. Kyuu-Tales
      Thanks for the information. I'm in for the long haul, then.
    4. FairyWitch
      oh you must of misunderstood my post how I posted sorry >.< I know how Community hunts go ;) I was curious only why he choice that thats all ;) but thanks for explaining that very wonderful run down how CH goe which sorta answered the question itself :3 that was very sweet of you which I know there is a voting I just was curious why he choose rock pokemon in october thats all XD also I seriously sometimes have horrible ocd things half to match XD thanks again!
    5. Acdog
      Yeah, I am. There should be no real reason why that wouldn't make it respawn differently though.
    6. Dragalge
      Nah, they're still there. Like I said, flipping an XY/ORAS cartridge between 3DS's will prompt that his/her friends list has been updated to match the 3DS's friend's list. Thanks for giving me an answer though!
    7. TheShinyLunatone
      thank you alot.
    8. LilyValley
      I did multiple, at least 5. It seems foolproof. I may do extra at intervals, but the Heavy Ball is at maximum effectiveness and on most test runs, I only needed to throw one. I'm very cautious about these things, and it all looks good to me.
    9. Doobius
      hah, yeah i guess it would have been, but i didn't have a safari friend with fraxure. i actually found an ha axew last night.
    10. Echo Nacyl
      Echo Nacyl
      Yes, I know that. I'm trying to hatch it on my own game to trade to them. I've had plenty of shinies hatched via TSV matching, so I understand how it works
    11. TheShinyLunatone
      idk if you can see the photo, but the rayquaza has the kalos symbol and was caught at skypillar
    12. V
      Ugh Birch is as stubborn about giving me a shiny as Bill. This is my longest hunt yet number-wise. I haven't been keeping exact count, but it is definitely more than the almost 3000 longest I had before. I don't want to give up after so long but I really want to play the game... Ugh
    13. V
      How's the shiny Mudkip hunt going?
    14. RaichuArcanine
      slowing them down now let's see how it goes haha
    15. RaichuArcanine
    16. RaichuArcanine
      also with all my three uncatchable poochies, the poochies have been male and my Mudkips have been male with 21 HP does that matter?
    17. RaichuArcanine
      thank you I am trying, no other shinies yet! Good luck with your mudkip :)
    18. Cpchris
      Yeah, thanks :p At the time, I didn't realize that and the articles seemed to imply you could transfer the starters since the demo is apparently the only way for them to learn the special moves (or that's what I had gathered from the articles, maybe it's not true) :x Appreciate the heads up though!
    19. Cpchris
      Not sure how the conversation suddenly jumped to this, but I'm sick of the pot calling the kettle black. You ALL chose not to 'ignore' what was being said. Stop being a hypocrite. Bothered by what I said? Practice what you preach and ignore it like you keep preaching to everyone else. I would have been done in that single post otherwise, but everyone had to blow it up into so much more by posting their own opinions while doing the opposite of what they were telling others to do.

      And now you've chosen to bring this up, for whatever reason, when all I was trying to do was to explain that you were either misunderstanding or simply exaggerating. For someone who seems to hate this discussion, I'm surprised you decided to bring it up like this, but please stop. I'm done.
    20. Cpchris
      The suggestions have really just been to try and minimize excessive complaining though. If that alone is going to keep new people out, then it implies those people CAN'T talk about their hunts without complaining 10x as much as anyone else here...If you think we have problems, then what exactly do you think would be up with these people >_>? I would hope there aren't too many people who would see a rule saying something like, "Please try to refrain from complaining excessively about under-odds hunts," and then think, "Well I guess I'm not allowed to post here at all." Instead, I would hope they could just say, "Alright, I'll try to not complain too much when I post." Seems a bit extreme to think discouraging excessive whining would somehow completely prevent new hunters from entering, though I suppose you might find it wrong for someone like myself trying to say what's 'extreme' ;)
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