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Last Activity:
Apr 29, 2015
Dec 27, 2005
Likes Received:
Apr 25, 1988 (Age: 32)
Burning on Mt. Pyre
In college, going for a Master's in Biology

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La Melancolie Noir, 32, from Burning on Mt. Pyre

Kiruria was last seen:
Apr 29, 2015
    1. Soaring Pikachu
      Soaring Pikachu
      Still feeling down in the dumps? I will not promise that I can help or anything but if you felt like sharing a little bit of whatever soul crushing trouble is causing grief, I would be ok with that. If not then I would say, I hope that you feel better soon!
    2. chihaya01
      Alice in Wonderland sheets, you lolita nerd.
    3. chihaya01
      I'm sorry I haven't posted in 2 decades!
    4. DVB
      They caught glimpses, but don't know what they really are. Sorry for not clarifying
    5. DVB
      Thanks forupdating, but ni pony kniws the ponies are metal. Just think they're like monster sor illustions for right nwo
    6. Airi-Chan
      Stop saying Trip's not interesting in front of me T_____T
      I am queen of Trip fandom you know
    7. Zekshirom
      Ooh, the idea of Gon and Kyornik noticing that sounds cool!

      But I might have Densetsu take her over even after she gets the sword, if that's alright. It's a protective spirit, this one! XD

      I SHALL. And happy new year to you, too!
    8. Pyroli
      Hiya! I figured I should message you here as you might see it better but after a few days of thinking I do believe there is a spot for you in the RPG. I'll PM with more details if you're still interested.
    9. VampirateMace
      She's only 3, she's just still recovering from the conditions she was in previously.

      Yeah, all that, just sort of whatever I could find, and of the course 'point B' would probably be some big famous location (like Roswell). But like I said, I got to put that on hold for now. Best I could do right now is make some local day trips. - If you guys end up anywhere interesting, you should write a guest article for my blog.

      Oh, no offense, I know there's a connection. And there's certainly 'street magicians' who preform a trick to distract you from the fact that they're stealing your wallet. You can use such skills a productive member of society, or as a scumbag.

      Yeah, it is kind of neat. It kind of speaks to a universal nature in what we're investigating.
    10. VampirateMace
      I know what you mean, I usually don't start VM convos, except with a couple people, or to try and find out what's going on RPG-wise. If there's anything on your mind, paranormal wise, I'd be happy to discuss it here, as well as in the club. - Well, we got a new cat, she's underweight and sickly, so getting her to eat is hit-and-miss, but she's a sweetheart. Paranormal-wise, I plan to visit a few local-ish locations for investigation/review on my blog. (I've found myself thinking I should have been more spontaneous, and take a long paranormal drive-about when I had the chance, but now I'd have to wait.)

      Yep, I was referring to stage/street magic; prestidigitation. While I have a lot of respect for your magical traditions and beliefs, and that it works nothing like stage magic, there's still entertainment value in tricks I know aren't real, as well as an appreciation for the skill involved. I can do a few tricks, and some of them aren't easy.
    11. Mew The Gato
      Mew The Gato

      You have not posted in the club for a while, and are expected to resume activity soon, especially since the Slogan Contest is going on at the moment, and submission time has been extended specifically so the inactive people can get in their submissions. However, I understand that you have not been on SPPf very frequently at this time, so, it is fine if you post after you are active on SPPf once again.
    12. cryuel
      You definitely have the gist of it figured out! :)
      Generally the pot is meant for competitive mystics, but since we don't have terribly much in it you're welcome to leave them in.
      I'm not really in need of a Slurpuff, but I can trade you the Spritzee nonetheless if you'd like a competitive one? I wouldn't have a spare Sachet though.

      Regarding IVs, you don't really need to use a calculator to find out 31 IVs in XY. Basically breeding with Destiny Knot and making sure you use Pokemon front he Friend Safari will slowly but steadily ensure that you are breeding your way up to 5IVs, because all Pokemon caught in the Friend Safari have at least 2 perfect IVs. The person in Kiloude city will then tell you which ones are perfect. If you like, I have a spare shiny 6IV Ditto I could clone for you that would make competitive breeding easier?
    13. cryuel
      Hey Kiruria~
      I noticed you made some additions to our Community Pot, and I wanted to ask you 2 things:
      1) is a personal trade request. ^_^ I'd be interested in your Swirlix, so let me know if anything I have in the pot catches your interest.
      2) You don't seem to have the IVs listed. Do you know about IV's, or do you just not know which of its IVs are 31? The pot is generally just for 5 or 6IV Pokemon, so hence the question. Let me know, and I'd be glad to let you know more about IVs should you not be familiar with them. :3
    14. Murder Doll
      Murder Doll
      Hi there and thank you for voting, I do hope my personal prefrences haven't affected your vote. In the event they have feel free to recast your vote ^-^
    15. Schade
      Aah, Rozen Maiden? I saw that once.. I think.. I know who you mean though. You made the banner drunk? lol, if it turned out that good, I'd love to see what you can do sober. Heh, you been stalking me? lol

      I am not entirely sure yet. Survival RPG's aren't really my thing, and I am not sure my english is good enough for all the futuristic stuff. I have a character planned out though, and he would not be a douche like my Every. Other. Character. Ever! I wanted to sign up as a robot but... eh
    16. Schade
      Heh, I hear ya. I also have a bad habit of forgetting people when we stop talking.. Oops

      On the contrary, I am waiting for a banner made by Sworn Metalhead, and Sharpedo is just the substitute until it is done. Well, your banner is pretty, so there is no question for why you use it. lol
    17. Gamzee Makara
      Gamzee Makara
      Yes, I love Beethoven, Bach, Bartok, Schubert and the occasional orchestral remix of TV and video game theme songs...

      VGs Besides Pokémon? Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat, Amnesia, Classic Namco stuff, pre-Rare buyout Donkey Kong and Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie...
    18. Gamzee Makara
      Gamzee Makara
      Anime:A cross between Pokémon and Sailor Moon, with a little Hellsing, Dangan Ronpa and Dance in The Vampire Bund

      Comic:Teen Titans for DC, X-Men for Marvel, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Sailor Moon, and Hellsing for manga

      Regular Book:Sabriel/Lirael/Abhorsen by Garth Nix

      Movie:Heavy Metal, the Ralph Bakshi Lord of the Rings, Poultrygeist, The Toxic Avenger and Who Framed Roger Rabbit

      Web Series:Homestuck, Atop The Fourth Wall, WTFIWWY Live, DBZ Abridged, DEATH BATTLE and Homestar Runner

      YouTube Channel:Retsupurae and Chuggaaconroy

      Classic Monster:Vampires(and Robots/Cyborgs if you're willing to stretch it that far...)

      TV series:Tales from the Darkside/The Twilight Zone, DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, Avatar:THe Last Airbender(I'm not into The Legend of Korra yet) Star Trek(Voyager in Particular) Kim Possible and Mystery Science Theater 3000

      Internet Personality:The Entirety of Channel Awesome/Chez Apocalypse/Blistered Thumbs/Inked Reality/Team Four Star/Cinemassacre/AngryJoeShow/Neon Harbor/Cinemassacre, Chuggaaconroy, Proton Jon and NintendoCapriSun(TheRunawayGuys), JoshJepson, TheMysteriousMrEnter(not for his Brony content, for the Animated Atrocities) and DuncanKneeDeep/Derpanite.

      Music:Weird Al Yankovic, Devo, Cheap Trick, Blue Oyster Cult, Pentatonix, and Orchestral

      Art Style:Surrealism, with Salvador Dali and Magritte as my favorites

    19. Gamzee Makara
      Gamzee Makara
      Do you like any of the following:

      Hellsing(the Japanese one)
      Vampire:The Masquerade:Bloodlines
      Diamanda Hagan(the internet personality)
      Tales from the Darkside/The Twilight Zone
      Garth Nix books
      Ralph Bakshi movies

      If so, then we need to talk right now...

      If not, then I recommend all of these, since they are all creepy/gothically grimdark, in their own ways...

      What is your favorite anime/comic book/regular book/movie/web series/YouTube channel/classic monster/TV series/Internet personality/music?

      I'm very curious...
    20. VampirateMace
      Well, the funny part about that, is aside from old comics, I read a lot more manga than western comics. Some of the poses in the original Teen Titans are hilariously bad.

      I should check what systems have Castlevania games, see if I can get a good deal on something...

      I got a lot of vampire stories that need finishing... sigh, I might be a bit distractible. Miru's story got so bad I figured it'd work better as an RPG... I'm considering setting-up an RPG, based on my story, based on an old LARP, which involves a vampire gang, set in a world where there's 3 types of vampires (each with their own power set, but all the same species) and they're still recovering from what was basically a war with slayers.

      Well then, goodnight. I probably shouldn't stay up too much longer myself.
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  • About

    Apr 25, 1988 (Age: 32)
    Burning on Mt. Pyre
    In college, going for a Master's in Biology
    Favourite Pokémon:
    You can usually find me in the RPG forum. I enjoy writing and composing songs.

    Wide variety of music, witchcraft and other paranormal/mythological matters, some anime/video games



    I have claimed Celestia Ludenberg from Dangan Ronpa. --My Updated RPer profile--​

    RPG's I'm in now: The War Within (Ari), MLP: It Came from the Stars (Madame Starshroom)
    Current RPG Project: Earthbound: The Rainbow Omen (Sign-ups) (RPG thread) (Discussion)