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  • Yes, it did, which is why it was easy for the instructor to be so happy that they made a three in one gothic horror book. We had a lot of horror in our 'romantic' lit class due to that being common at the time. Your novel sounds kind of interesting, of course a lot of my stories involve vampires as well, so I'm a bit bias.

    I like some of the zombie and alien shooters, though the war games are a big turn off for me. What I've played of Castlevania has been pretty fun, though I don't actually own any of the full games. I was going to buy the 3DS one, but it seemed overpriced for something that was. . . well, actually I don't remember what I thought was wrong with it, better replay the demo.

    Eh, most of my art work has been murals, graphic art, and web design. I do a bit of animation, but I think comics are something I'd really like to get into.
    Yeah, you seem to get it, vampires are the sophisticated monsters, as where zombies appeal to the people who'd rather shoot and hunker down than go to work.

    Well, I was a Animation and Media major... but believe me, I get what you're saying. Art jobs are scarce. - We had a gothic lit class evolve out of the romantic period lit class though; after I showed the instructor my three in one edition: Frankenstein, Dracula, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr, Hyde. But yeah, there's not much beyond that, is there?
    Thanks, yes, I have gotten quite a few congrats. I guess I know a lot about the paranormal because I spend a lot of time reading/watching stuff about it - I just mentioned to someone else that I knew where the occult/paranormal section was in at least 3 libraries (usually way upstairs. . . ugh). I guess my interest in vampires stems from a few things; I've always found bats absolutely adorable, I've been interested in the paranormal since I was a young kid, they're powerful (which is a strong motivation for a lot of teens to get interested in them), and I actually have fangs (humans usually get baby teeth and adult teeth, with a few people getting a second set of adult teeth, a second pair of upper canines only runs in my family). Zombies are okay, but vampires actually have power.
    Amanda would make a pretty good Kuro, Guro, Punk, Ero, or plain Goth lolita. We can probably juxtapose their styles too, since some styles have 'opposites'.
    Those shoes that I made up for Aqua are actually a new design that Angelic Pretty just introduced, I might be psychic.
    She sounds like a real cool foil for Zuri. Is she younger than Zuri? Would be an interesting twist to see the one representing the Mother being younger that the one representing the Maiden. XD I hardly see that happening. XD

    Tell me she has an opposing color scheme as well! Green and autumn colors to contrast Zuri's cool palette? XD
    Psst! XD You mentioned a character who probably wouldn't like Zuri? XD How's she actually like? Just curious, hehe...XD
    so I imagine she'd be in quite a rivalry with Hecate's champion.
    Actually, I read somewhere that Hecate and Persephone themselves were actually friends.

    However, Hecate did play a major role in the abduction of Persephone. After the abduction, it was Hecate who told the frantic Demeter what had become of her daughter. After the dispute between her mother and husband was settled, Hecate became Persephone's confidante when she was in the Underworld. Thankful for their friendship, Hades honored Hecate as a prominent and permanent guest in the Underworld.
    You can leave the song, just be sure to talk to me in the future before communicating with the spirits. As for the dreams, if they're being caused by the spirits, I just need to know ahead of time if there are any major details you're planning to include (especially if the ghosts are the lady in white or the specter), so I can OK them.

    Yeah, I figured it's fine (and somewhat normal) for Daisy to not know about sun allergies. Just wasn't sure if you knew.
    Couple things about your post on Manor:
    * You're breaking the rules, I asked you not to have the ghosts communicate without asking me first. The child's song, I think I'm fine with though... but, I'm sure who was supposed to have said the 'blood' line? Was that just Tiffany talking in her sleep?
    * Also, I made a point of having Miru tell Daisy it was dinner time, and then DVB asked your chars a question (how he thought Tiffany was there IDK, but I think Daisy should have been).
    Sun allergy is a real thing, it ranges from a mild reaction is summer (that can be controled with seroids) to a reaction so severe the suffer's home has to have blacked out windows, and they can't go outside during the day without a full protective body suit.
    We get it, we get it, the post was bad, I get it. lol
    Besides, it was difficult to come up With something as almost no one have written in the RP yet
    It's okay, you're not the only one that hasn't posted yet... I'm kind of surprised DVB hasn't posted. - Your plans are pretty much in line with the instructions I was thinking I may have to give if it seems like it's time to go onto second post, but we still have MIA players.
    hey, my brother and I are lookin for a multibattle. my FC is 4725-8287-6038! send me a visitor message if you want in!
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