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  • I can only imagine her excitement when finding out he's a witch. lol. And thanks, I really struggled With thec history part. I never seem to be able to nail those.
    But Yeah, I'm pretty excited too. What sort of erlationship should the two of them have? I'd imagine their shared interest for the supernatural to play a part, at least
    Well I'm watching the Pokemon LP'S and I must admit that I also occasionally sing to the Team Plasma battle theme. That theme is just so catchy!
    So, I started watching your LP's and I can't stop watching them lol.

    I must ask you though, is that really your voice? It's mesmerizing if I do say so myself.
    Hey, on the tabloid RPG, the leads were spread out on the confrence table for you to pick from, not handed out, and feel free to backedit a bit so that Merlin is in the meeting at the same time doing his own thing, since that was the intention. Not that it's a big deal, I just aim for clarity in my RPGs.
    Ah, ok. I was just curious.

    I so want the game....I WANNA WII-U

    Pff, yeah. AND THEY ARE.

    (iseewatudidthar) Ness goes to Magicant at the second dungeon...XD LAWL
    No problem at all about the wait, I take my time sometimes too. Yeah, Sonatina's still out and ha, I'd love the idea of a trickster meeting a pyro 8D

    Yeah, that's what we're planning to do, he's just been waiting for me. I'll get that done today.
    Sounds good to me, post looks good! Just waiting on Golden to post hist next-to-last/last part of the chain; once he does I can finish up Chris's transformation sequence and I should be ready to post.
    *totally not watching your earthbound lp after watching your mother 3 lp nonstop, nooooo* XD

    Your singing voice is pretty =3
    Alright, sounds good! Kris will most likely stand back during the hacking discussion as he understands nothing of the topic, and Tanith will most likely be pretty silent since she doesn't know Shin and tends to not be one to talk to strangers when she doesn't have to. She'd kind of stay in the sidelines and try to analyze Shin's skills and intentions from afar, instead. Kris might be interested in talking with Shin about Pokémon later though, heh. He was a trainer far before he was a Zenith member and all. Interaction, whoo.

    Anyway, we'll be in the control room in a bit, so you can go directly there. Maybe he wanted to ask the techies there something or... er, something?
    Yeah, we're in the Zenith outpost in the abandoned hotel on the outskirts of Nimbasa. We're actually going to adjourn to the fourth floor command center, methinks, to take a call from Black Lab I with information on the mutagen. At least, once I get some sleep and am awake enough to continue the chain. I would think that Viper would be happy to help Shin, and having some insight into Tanith, it would possibly turn into a competition of sorts. You may want to message Golden, though, and get his thoughts on a meetup if you haven't already.

    Seems that way, doesn't it?

    That's fine. Golden and I are still working on our dialogue anyway, and I think there's a few people still not caught up... and possibly a few that haven't even posted yet! Not sure on that one, though.
    Okay, so I just noticed how I actually said that Cuttraots could use shotguns. Whoops! Yeah, you can have one. I forgot that I actually put that in their arsenal.
    Well, they are more of a guideline, but trust me, Cutthroats should have LMGs if anything. Anything else and it just doesn't make sense. They're meant to have as much firepower as they can, and an LMG fulfills that roles quite well.

    I did in the discussion thread a while back, but alright.

    LMG = Light machine gun. They tend to have a high rate of fire and large magazines, but take some time to reload.
    SMG = Sub-Machine Gun. A small and light automatic weapon that shoots pistol rounds, so its good up close, but lacks at a range.
    PDW = Personal Defense Weapon. Around the size of an SMG, but can be used at medium range due to the fact that they shoot unique calibers.
    Well, the thing is, if you're going to be a Cutthroat, you'd need a lot of firepower, and an LMG is just the thing. In addition, SMGs are for Pioneers and Harbingers. As for a shotgun, those are for the Pioneers, plus an LMG is too heavy to have another primary weapon. I'd like to tell you though, there are plenty of pistols that can knock a man down with one shot.
    Well, looks like you won the SPCS contest by default, I know you didn't really want to win by default, but congrats anyways.
    I get that our characters are in diffrent time-zones, I not a complete... anyways, it's not just you posting minutes that don't line up, and that's more what I've been having an issue with, stuff that's supposed to take place at the same time is happening 20 mins or so apart.
    Yeah, that's true. I'm so sorry about leaving as well, it's just that I don't really have time for anything anymore...
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