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  • When I joined the site, I was way more descriptive than you are now, I tried doing things that way, because like you, I too have trouble resting until I have said everything there is to be said, and that too in a really comprehensive manner. But I realized in due time that this way people avoid reading your posts because it takes time that most dont generally have. I just thought I'd give you a nice bit of advice since you're new. Of course, you can expect me to read all your posts in my thread, however short or long they may be, sadly I camt say the same about others because people avoid walls of text. No offence.
    Hey there, sup!
    I wanted to ask you if you could keep your future posts in my thread just a teensy bit short, cus people tend to ignore walls of text, and your posts may suffer the same, just a friendly piece of advice ;)
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