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  • Lol you can ask, I don't mind. I just pray that God will take His hand and guide you to whichever church He feels will be right for you and your family. I also pray that you'll find the answers to the questions you are seeking.
    I understand, just keep looking around then. I'm sure you'll be led to the right one. I'll be praying for you! As for that guy, it happens XD
    That's fine. Going around to find the right church is common. I know that we just had a couple join our church last week. Do you know what your wife didn't like about it?
    It's a common misconception for newcomers. It's not works that get people into heaven. What I believe he was trying to preach on was the dangers on those who think that good works will get them into heaven, only to die and find themselves in hell. Good works are supposed to come as a result from being saved, not being saved as a result of good works.
    It's good for your first time. It will take you a while to learn competitive. It took me about a year before it made sense X3.
    Dreams are funny. In some ways, they are our subconscious trying to make sense of the information we've retained. In other ways, they're actually metaphorical. There are lots of dreams like that in the Bible, actually, that signify things to come. Could be that you're coming up to a crossroads in your life, but I honestly can't say for sure.
    Sorry to hear you got sick! Hope you're feeling better. And that's great news! I'm glad you both want to go together as a family : )
    Lucky,I wish I was that done. I've been procrastinating on a lot of things lately. Do you have a team figured out already?
    I can understand the nerve wracking part, since I can get nervous pretty easily myself. You'll be just fine and I'll be praying for you and your family!
    I go to a Baptist church myself, but I'm not going to force you to go to one. Non-denominational Christian churches work as well. So long as they have sound doctrine, it should be fine. More often than not nowadays, churches record their services and put them on disks. I know my church does that for our shut-ins (people who want to go to church, but are too ill or old to come) and they also do it people who aren't shut ins too. What kind of church does your brother attend?
    There are some differing ideologies when comes to Catholicism, but either way, she shouldn't be pressuring you at every drop of a hat. As for the latter, He speaks in different ways. Sometimes it's as a complete random thought that would have never occurred to you, others it's an answer to prayer, or from someone else sent to comfort you. I actually had that happen to me last week. Total stranger walked up to me at dinner and said that he felt that God wanted him to talk to me and asked if I needed anything prayed for.
    It's all right man, I'm not gonna judge. Yeah, I think it would be ok to go to a church after hours. You should send an email to the pastor of that church before you make the drive though, so that you'll know for sure that someone will be there. I'm sure your brother will be happy to help too.
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