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  • Sure, but I would actually trade you a ton for a Shiny if I needed it haha. What I need is a pretty narrow list though.
    (Sigh, that tends to happen. Time zone differences are the only reason I don't like being in Japan.)

    Haha, I mean I provide Pokemon in specific balls as a free service, so unless you wanted like an ARMY I don't require anything in exchange. I'm also really looking for only what I'm missing for my Shiny collection, so it's a little more difficult to find stuff I'd like.
    Thanks ye much! Take good care of Gible~ And let me know if you'd like some other Pokemon, I'm happy to catch stuff for you as I have plenty of extra apricorn balls. c:
    God sorry for disappearing, had to do some stuf around the house. @@ I am for sure good now so I'll hop on, request me whenever!
    I am available to trade! My FC is in my profile and I am also Road in-game. If you're alright I can hop on in a bit!
    We have another week, we need to battle this weekend. I can't do before. Again I am around Saturday afternoon and Sunday. We need to schedule a time so we can both come on at the same time. Maybe 6pm on Sunday?
    Oh gosh sorry! Hope you had fun anyway haha.
    We need to battle today, hopefully i'll remember to check regularly to see when you're on but we need to arrange a time tbh.
    Ah okay, saturday afternoon sounds good. I think we should arrange a more precise time since I probably won't be on all afternoon.
    Hey, i'm paired with you for the battle factory tournament.
    When are you free? I'm around Wed 4:30pm-7pm, Fri 4:30pm-9pm the whole of Sat afternoon and sunday. (All the times are GMT btw)
    I saw your conversation with Shade and wondered if you could help me in Awakening as well. I have no idea who from the future child generation I should use in pairings. On one of my files I have all of the children with completed support conversations with each other (all unmarried apart from Brady who is married to my avatar) but some don't have the optimal skills passed down from their parents. On another file I have married the same parents together (except I have a male avatar who I paired with Tharja) but am attempting to get the right skills transferred (Galeforce, Counter, other fe/male exclusive skills that are useful) to the children. The problem is I have no idea how to pair the children together. Could you help me please?
    Ahhh children. Something I have been thinking very hard about. So thanks for the link i'm sure it would be very helpful. I'm already married to chrom (by accident) ;-; and I already have lucina and morgan before I realised the whole skill/children thing. So I'm trying to get some better children with my other pairings. Although I'll probably try harder on my other file..

    Also I thought you had to buy DLC but I wasn't sure aww I have to pay.. Roughly how much is it? (I cba to look and idk where to find it anyway).
    Ah okay, I used to always look up to Black Ice because it was older than THT lol - I joined THT when I was like 10 so I matured with it and I agree about the way the mods run the system, I feel like they just closed THT because we had a load of infractions and spam.
    Oh gosh okay, that was quite long and complicated. I will definitely consider getting limit breaker (although I read somewhere that it is literally the penultimate DLC story, so i'll need a lot of work to get there). The weapon idea looks really great tbh, so i'll definitely be using that. I'll be able to afford it since i have 77,000 gold as bullion in my inventory. However, I kind of wanted to finish as a grandmaster so I could use magic, as I really like magic.
    However, i'm going to go with the skill set ideas you gave me because they're really good.
    Yes, i'm prepared. For starters my Asset is Skill and Flaw is Luck. Weapon ranks are A in Tome and Sword B or C in Lance and E in everything else. In terms of skills, I have all the Tactitian/Grandmaster skills and then I have Luna, Astra and Sol, and also Defense +2 and Indoor fighter from when I used a second seal too early...

    So hit me with your knowledge then.
    So you can have as many skills as you want? That's good.
    Still I'd quite like to have a mostly permanent skill set. Since I can have as many as I want, is there anything you recommend. I'd prefer something offensive. Sorry if this is asking too much of you...
    I'm here about the skills on fire emblem. Although i'm almost a complete beginner so nothing too complicated please. but the first question i need to ask is can you unlearn skills? i've been a bit careless while I was going about learning my skills so I now have 9 skills, but the last skill i'd like to get would either be Galeforce or Lifetaker, which are both learnt at lv 15, so i'd have to learn a skill before that. So is it possible to forget skills kind of like pokemon forget moves?
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