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Kitt Geekazaru

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  • Reminder that people are waiting on you in the pokemon 20 questions thread. Technically after 48 hours anybody can start a new round but nobody has yet so I'll give you a chance to get back there. ^^
    Just a reminder that the deadline for the Highlander Tourney is tomorrow (4/7/14). (Remember you'll need to send in your Pokemon before you can battle.)
    Hey I can battle you.
    I've just completed 5 losses so the score doesn't matter.
    My team is made up of past in game Pokémon.
    Sounds good for tomorrow.
    Just shoot me a PM/VM when you want to battle so I know when to come online.
    I am currently in class right now, and will be for the rest of the day.
    Tomorrow is my day off though, so I'll be free all day for battles tomorrow.
    Just checked the roster. We're in the same cell block, but we're not cell mates XD I was shocked there for a moment b/c my character's a girl and your's is a boy lol
    Ah sorry I had to go, if you can't battle any other time today then are the same times tomorrow fine for you?

    Ooh, I like Fire Emblem (which I assume is the inspiration for your username) :3
    Your inbox is full so I'll just post here.
    This will be the last round of betting. As such, you MUST place bets on the scores of each game. For example, player A wins 2-1, (3-0, 0-3, 1-0). You will have a whole day to bet as per normal.

    1st Place Match:

    Burnerv2 vs. Moonclawz

    3rd Place Match:

    Ger9119 vs. Saph~
    Are you still planning on playing in the Teen Titans RPG? The RPG has already started, and you've not even posted a WIP sign-up.
    That should be fine for me on one of the two days, the other I think I might have something. Which time suits you best? I don't really have a preference.
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