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Last Activity:
Aug 25, 2017
Aug 20, 2017
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Jun 4, 2002 (Age: 17)

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New Member, 17

KittyDragon129 was last seen:
Aug 25, 2017
    1. LadyTriox
      Although i have a huge crush on a girl right now, i've mostly liked males in the past. So I think I still see myself getting a boyfriend one day due to that. Though I may work better with another girl, and liking another girl right now feels rather empowering for me. :)
    2. LadyTriox
      I'm guessing you're more of a tomboy XD I'm very girly and like pretty much anything cute. Yes, and i'm also named after Hydreigon :P Funny that. I probably do like most pokemon, though. But not poison types much. I dislike filth greatly, and they tend to base around filth a lot. So yeah.

      I dress girly, too XD If I ever wear pants, it'll only be ones that are very feminine. Like the new harem pants my mom got me for my birthday, which are a pretty light blue and very full and dress like ^_^ Please don't bash other girly girls to me. I'm very sensitive to that. For years i've struggled with accepting that i'm a very feminine person due to people gennerally putting down girly people to me. Whether or not said people deserved it.

      I'd count as a lipstick lesbian some-what cuz i also like other girls XD I'd say some-what cuz i'm really bi :P And do like guys, sometimes. But my crush on korrina is seriously huge. And she's a girl. Yep.
    3. LadyTriox
      Hi Kitty :)

      Whats your friend code? I would like to have a pokemon battle with you sometime.
    4. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [since I was in 3rd grade]

      [do you read more mature Pokemon fanfics from time to time?]
    5. LadyTriox
      You seem like an animal lover :3 Elephants are cool, too. Many of my toys are cute in a 'girly' way. But I also have pokemon related toys, too. Are you a fan of my little pony?

      Trubbish is kind of cute, but i'm pretty phobic of filth, so I wouldn't have him as a favorite, myself xD I really like all the others you listed, though ^_^

      As long as you stick to happy topics around me, we should get along well :3 What other cute franchices do you like, besides pokemon? I like many, i think xD
    6. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine

      [when did you first get into Pokemon?]
    7. LadyTriox
      Oh, alright. I'm glad you won't put me down for hello kitty :3 thank you. Too many people have done that through my life, anyways. It was mean of them. Its a lot of the reason why I have anger issues sometimes now.

      You seem to like cats a lot :D Are they your favorite animals? Mine might be dogs, especially my own dog, who I try to spend as much of my time with as possible everyday. For a few years, my favorite animals were swans. Even right now, I started reading a book called The Trumpet and The Swan :) Its a really beautiful and naturey book X3

      What other cute pokemon do you like a lot, besides eevee? :) I'm curious.

      And thanks for caring about my autism. Its hard to live with. On the plus side, I have a lot of cute toys irl. I really like them. One of my favorite toys is a Pikachu I own :D I like holding it in my hand and petting its ears XD Do you like dogs, as well as cats? Talking about animals with you could be fun :)
    8. LadyTriox
      Hi. We can talk, if you like. I promise I won't get scary. I'm not in the creepy mood I was in the day I met you. Also, I really like cute pokemon, too.

      But I understand if you do feel wary of me. Just so you know; I have autism. It makes life harder for me, a lot :(
    9. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [Which is your favorite eeveelution?]
    10. MetalSonic
    11. Pokegirl Fan~
    12. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [So, what grade are you in?]
    13. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [what were you watching?]
    14. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [did you get my message?]
    15. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
    16. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Yeah. I'm sleepy :3
    17. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      They have episodes online ^^
    18. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      The dub started this January and airs every Saturday night on Cartoon Network.
      DBShas been going since 2015ish in Japan.
    19. LadyTriox
      I'm calmer now.

      But i duno if you'll wanna be my friend. I can get scary when i'm mad, and, sadly, it doesn't take a lot to anger me.

      Though I would like someone i can talk cute things with as a friend. I want to believe more and more...its okay to like them....

      Also, I love eevee, too. I really do :)
    20. LadyTriox
      You're welcome....

      Uhhhh.....hello kitty fan at all? ^_^;;; *nervus grin* If not, please do not bash her in any way. That includes mean things said about her fans.

      Also, i'm kinda in a pissy mood right now. I was...triggered. Badly.

      You seem like a sweet person, though. I want to get to know you. Really.
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    Jun 4, 2002 (Age: 17)
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    Daydreaming, Eating, Reading


    <3 Hi :3​