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Last Activity:
May 6, 2020
Aug 17, 2010
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The Piano Man, from North Carolina

I only get on here to check if my friend has messaged me back Mar 27, 2018

kittyguy2008 was last seen:
May 6, 2020
    1. kittyguy2008
      I only get on here to check if my friend has messaged me back
    2. LadyTriox
      Aww thanks^^ its the french name of hydreigon XD

      Awww how cuute :3
    3. LadyTriox
      Awwww your name is cute :3
    4. GastlyMan
      Hey, I'm back!
      How have you been?!
      I should be more active on these forums now. I'd like to get back into my fanfiction. I'll check your story soon, and make an account there, too. :)
    5. kittyguy2008
      It seems like all of my friends on here i mean i was realy friends with tem but thwyve been gone since 2010
    6. kittyguy2008
      Awesome! Great to see you are doing well! Next years my first year of high school!
    7. GastlyMan
      Hi! It's going well. How are you doing?

      Yes, you can use my story! I am definitely going to continue it. :D I haven't updated in a while, though.
    8. kittyguy2008
      oh hi im doing pretty good. every morning im up until 5 or 6 then go to sleep but im trying to stay up ALL night tonight :3
    9. GastlyMan
      HI! :)

      Haven't talked to you in a while. How are you doing?
    10. GastlyMan
      Oh and from what I've noticed - all the social groups disappeared. :(
    11. GastlyMan
      Hey I'm back (for good this time, I hope!). School got overwhelming. And I was sick. :/

      That's really annoying that the group was deleted >:(

      I'm trying to get back into writing as well. And catching up on fanfiction reviews.

      How've you been? :)

      Also, ouch, how is your arm doing now? Hope you're feeling better :)
    12. kittyguy2008
      long time no see alot more stuff has happened to me like i fell and smashed my front tooth in half and i fell off my bike and snapped the bone in my left arm rite in half
    13. kittyguy2008
      omg my group freezeflame dissapeared
    14. Pokefan3810
      Has anyone here played sonic colors?
    15. GastlyMan
      Lol, he got stampeded by midgets?! Now that is awesome.

      Oh, hi, Pokefan. XD

      PS...I finally finished chapter two. :D
    16. kittyguy2008
    17. Pokefan3810
      Hey everybody!
    18. kittyguy2008
      i know right...but he got trampled in the hallway...by a stampede of midgets :D
    19. GastlyMan
      Yes, I definitely do... I'm lucky though, because I've never had a full-on attack.

      Sometimes I get really bad coughing fits. Usually at night. I can't stop until I take my inhaler and drink a bunch of water.

      It sucks!! Hope you're doing ok. Whoever pushed you down is a jerk. :(
    20. kittyguy2008
      So u know how i feel!!!
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    North Carolina
    Favourite Pokémon:
    hello! I am a musician that also has an interest in pokemon. I'm an Applied Financial Mathematics major with a double minor in Economics and Statistics. I like math. Also I'm like a solid 65% gay.

    Marching band, jazz, ice skating, and video games


    I'm a directionless college student send help