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  • I'm doing fine :) Happy birthday to her in two weeks :)

    In other news, Lugia is being a pain. Now at 20,250 SRs and getting zero results from it. I hope it shines before ORAS. I'm guessing you'll get the new games when they're out?
    I was hunting it on the route with Honedge and I got a honedge and an oddish but I put it on hold to hatch for an eevee for an umbreon.
    I may also EV train multiple shinies I caught in XY (I got 7 shinies in total, it's unbelievable!). Mostly my Steelix, Braixen and Magcargo, who shown to have a great potential in their stats!
    Mh, I don't know if I'll hunt right away... I think I'll try to fill the National Pokédex with as much Pokémon as I can before Poké Bank comes out. But I don't know. I think my next target will be a Ekans. I looove Arbok's shiny color!

    Yeah, I saw that too! Congratulations! What will be your next target % Shellder/Skrelp, still ? o:
    Alright, congrats on the Electrike, Kitty! I knew it would be this one! Can I propose you a place to hunt next ? :D I think it's time to get another Kalos shiny Pokémon!
    - Go get a Good Rod in Coumarine City and go back in Cyllage City. Want to try a chain fishing hunt ? You will soon need to use Surf, and I think having a Skrelp all time would be nice, There is also Horsea (which I think you already got in a past game), but it has a lower encounter chance then Skrelp!
    - Go back on Route 7 and try to get a Fairy type! You can have up to 3 different kinds of Flabébé in any of the flowers (I honestly would take the purple; blue Flabébé is amazing!) and Spritzee (who's shiny color is sooo nice!). Of course there are many other Pokémon you could get (Smeargle, Illumise, Volbeat, Roselia, Croagunk and Ducklett) and I think most of these are interesting shinies as well (especially Roselia!).
    - Catch a Nosepass with Magnet Pull and try to get the wonderful shiny Honedge. Aegislash is an amazing Pokémon would, without a doubt, make a odd but cool addition to your party! Along the road, there still is Espurr, a Pokémon that, whatever the gender, you'll be surprise, and many other Pokémon (Oddish, Sentret, Nincada and Kecleon). I think you already have an Oddish, but maybe could it evolve into a different one of yours ?
    - Want a risky hunt ? Try the Reflection Cave and attempt to get a shiny Carbink! Its shiny color is just amazing and many other interesting Pokémon (Mr.Mime, Wobbufett, Sableye, Chingling, Roggenrola and Solosis) live there!
    Then good luck, Kitty! I give you all mine, as I won't need it for a while. :p
    If Nosepass really bothers you, then I pray for a Electrike or a Yanma! Although I wonder if having Static before using Sweet Scent makes the encounters more likely a horde of Electrike...
    Well, I think Probopass is kinda nice after all! It can learn plenty of interesting moves! Power Gem, Zap Cannon/Thunderbolt/Discharge, Lock-On, Earth Power/Earthquake, Flash Cannon, Magnet Rise and Magnet Bomb! You can cover many types, and also the new Fairy type!

    I didn't know Mawile could learn Sweet Scent, eheh. If you can trade it over, that means you got one in either X or Y, correct ? Cool!
    Route 10, uh ? Nice choice! I would recommand you to have a Combee or a Oddish to use Sweet Scent and try to hunt for a Electrike with hordes (using Sweet Scent on the field always starts a horde battle; it has the same effect as the Honey!). There may be also Nosepass and Yanma on your way, but Yanma's and Yanmega's shiny form are so beautiful, I wouldn't bother getting one of those! As for Nosepass, well... It's not too bad, and having a Pokémon we usually wouldn't expect to get/play with is a nice experience, don't you think ? The greater the diversity of Pokémon, the better! :p
    And having one shiny in a horde is really exciting! You should definitely try it !
    A male, wow, lucky! You must be very pleased! What's your next BQ target ? :D
    Happy to hear that everything goes well! As for me, well school is taking more place than I thought it would in my free time this year. Homework to do almost every single day, especially in maths and science... And this week I'm packed almost every day with evaluations or projects...
    But I'm fine! I hope to finish the Kalos Pokédex soon, as I want to get back to shiny hunting. I got a shiny Foongus today, which was a surprise, but the last shiny I got from hunting was back in August, my birthday Budew! I can't wait to see her on a 3D screen!
    Hey, Kitty, congrats on that Absol! Seems like to be a wonderful shiny! Is it a male or a female ? :)
    It's been a while since we last talk! How are you doing ? And how's the baby ? Getting it soon ? :D
    Seems like a good team. Especially Eviolite Doublade. :) I now have 5 types of Vivillon. XD 1 more and I can have a nice Vivillon team. XD
    Well I don't know it exactly too, this is what I THINK I will go for...but knowing me it will change over time again. XD
    Your welcome. I didn't use honedge, but I do like it's shiny form, so he's going on my Want list too, but not for the BQ. (For the BQ I plan these: Yanma, Gligar, Furfrou, Froakie, Fennekin/Charmander, Goomy, Tyrunt/Amaura. I might do Roselia/Bulbasaur too. XD)
    My team in the first playthrough was as follows: Greninja, Aurorus, Goodra, Furfrou, Gardevoir and Blaziken/Charizard (Switched those 2 around. XD)
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