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Jan 21, 2016
Feb 20, 2005
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Kiyohime was last seen:
Jan 21, 2016
    1. Diddy
      Ah yes. Feel free to use my idea in any way you see fit. Any way.
    2. Ledian_X
      Thanks for putting that eevee as a borg image in my head. I responded in kind to the image, ran with it and addded my own flair. What ya say we go on a comedy tour? And how are ya?
    3. Burnt Flower
      Burnt Flower
      I know I'm going to sound like a broken record, but your sig amuses me so much. XD
    4. xXSaberXx
      MARRY ME.

      ;_______; plz.

      <3 you and your hummingbird very much.
    5. Wondrous Sableye
      Wondrous Sableye
      Not at all, not at all.


      She wrote Lucki (sort-of deconstruction of OT fics) using a second account (I think), which breaks the rules.

      She also writes a rather amusing and/or thought-provoking parody series of Pokémon one-shots on FF.net collectively called Unoriginality.

      So yeah.

      EDIT: Aaand reading her livejournal has alerted me to the fact that you misspelled the name. I did not notice this because the gremlins that live in my monitor decided to make it difficult to notice you put an "i" instead of an "l".

      So yeah. Farla, not Faria.
    6. Sike Saner
      Sike Saner
      And I love watching someone get pecked in the face by a little bird again and again! XD
    7. Sike Saner
      Sike Saner
      ...The image that's in your sig right now amuses the heck out of me. XD
    8. Ledian_X
      Hey! Just dropping a line to say hi. Saw your post in Saber's thread. LOL. Kinda funny. =P
    9. Flaming Lip
      Flaming Lip
      Well, Elvis has been spotted in the woods near my house for a long time now. He's notoroious in the neighborhood for his routine sacrafice and consumption of house pets.
    10. Flaming Lip
      Flaming Lip
      Hey you.

      I lost my Ringo Starr Plushie, and I was wondering if you'd seen it. :O What's up?
    11. Skrusti
      I'm glad to see ya back <3
    12. Skrusti
      Omg D: Kiyohime. You totally disappeared ages ago BUT NOW YOU'RE BACK <333

      but am I remembered? D:
    13. Falthor
      Dun worry. I'm almost 17. I'm just as old as you, ol' lady. ;3
    14. CHeSHiRe-CaT
      Oh...kay. XD I'll see if I can find it after I'm done reading "Kickboxing Geishas."

      And fyi, Chapter I was revised a bit, particularly the scenes in the car with Janice and Alex before and after Annie's theft scene.
    15. Falthor
      XD Understandable.
      College? My lawd. You're old. xD
    16. Falthor
      Please tell me at least you remember me vaguely. XD
      Summer? It's only springtime here! Where do you live in that it is Summer? Lucky arse. XD
    17. Falthor
      I popped your Faceboo--- oh, SPPF wall cherry!
      Hey, Scrap, 'tis Falthor, o' course. How goes it?
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