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    I learned and used Water Gun, if I remember correctly, which it isn't normally able to do.
    Typos are funny wouldn't you say? :p
    Oh I see then. Well it was nice chatting with you for today, VM if you wanna talk again.
    I agree there, I mean Ash was getting stronger every series until BW. And all these people who want Ash to hurry up and win this one don't get that Ash isn't the only trainer in the league, I mean if I went to VGC, I'd be creamed in a New York minute! So they're not judging fairly at all.
    Yes, exactly this. I mean why are people expecting first class writing? It's Pokemon, it show only for advertising the games, and entertaining people. I'm not expecting Dragon Ball Z/Avatar The Last Airbender character development. I'm expecting a well done follow up to BW that will be at least twice as good is it.
    Thanks for accepting the friend request.

    I agree with you on XY Ash in the Character Speculation thread.
    I really don't get his hate.
    Just because he isn't like his OS or AG personas doesn't mean he's
    an awful or downright terrible character because of that, IMO.

    I also think despite their decline in their character, that removing Team Rocket would hurt the show as well,
    despite having some episodes when they're not present.
    And besides, maybe at least after the first episode, I would stop watching the series if Ash got the boot.
    Yeah I get that logic. But really I can't believe the hate XY and it's cast are getting, I mean you do remember on the character speculation thread on Thursday-Friday, when someone who won't be named started a huge argument about Ash, opening with how he supposedly acted like a little baby over losing his cool for a about a minute over Viola not being at her gym? And everyone said they expect more of him, and the like, but they're forgetting the main point that Ash is ten and ten year olds act the same way!
    I feel the same way! It's WAY too early to make a judgement on XY, and what you said about the cast is the same way I feel too! But what about TR? Are they bad for you, or they're okay?
    Ash is doing just fine, he's not even to the 2nd gym yet, it's far too early to tell what his character will be doing on a large scale this early into the series.
    I think people on here are convinced that is how the anime will be overall and that it wasn't just the black sheep series of the anime. Might be a mix of people being cautious, disappointed, or the loud few on here that actually liked the series over the past style
    I think BW probably left a huge impression on the fandom that most of us aren't willing to admit haha
    Considering the specific user, yes it seems like he/she says a lot of things just to stir things up haha. Otherwise I agree. I don't get why people are in such a rush
    You might as well get over this mentality, real soon, because it's not up to anyone but the writers as to when any one character gets "development". Sad thing is, you make statements like the one above, yet you'll watch the series anyways, and nit-pick the whole time. You see the contradiction. You must not mind the imperfections too much, because you continue watching.
    Also known as trolling to stir up negative discussion lol
    Do you know who is sending out those random negative reputations, regarding to Gogoat and Alexa in the Battle Chateau episode thread? I'm feeling very unapologetic and spiteful... -.-

    Either way.. Cheers.. -.-
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